Romanism: Resources comparing and explaining differences with Protestants

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Are there any online resources that explain the Romanist system of soteriology (preparation, conversion, justification, increase of justification; the definition and roles of faith, hope, charity, grace, and good works; inherent vs imputed righteousness), making use of official resources (like the Catechism, Council of Trent, etc.), and demonstrate how it is different from the Protestant view? Something that anticipates objections that Vatican II changed things here and shows that Trent is still their doctrine on this? Bonus points if it defends the Protestant views from Scripture in a way that anticipates the Romanist response. More bonus points if it has a handy chart to summarize.

Oftentimes when encountering papists, they will minimize the differences, and we have all seen the deception of papal apologists and different emphases that popes in recent history have made in their ecumenical endeavors. This minimization has been successful in some ways in that some Protestants believe there is really no difference! Protestants who converse with their Romanist neighbors or hear of these minimizations end up confused: "But I thought they didn't believe in justification by faith alone! I thought they held justification by faith plus works!" It becomes difficult to get to the real issues as the Romanist continues to answer: "I believe that too!" as the Protestant tries to get to the bottom of the matter.

It is with that in mind that I am hoping some resource somewhere has demonstrated that the differences still are there and that Rome still preaches a false gospel. It would be helpful for the Protestant man on the street to not be deceived by apologists or the pope in the media and also when speaking with their neighbors to convict them of their sin.
I second James white.

Also, Leonardo De Chirico; I haven't read him extensively but, I hear he is good. He has some articles over at Reformation21.
Leonardo De Chirico's book Evangelical Theological Perspectives on post-Vatican II Roman Catholicism (very expensive!) is the single most important book written on the RCC, maybe ever. For less expensive options, I recommend Sproul's Are We Together? and Gregg Allison's Roman Catholicism.
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