Robert Leighton's Sabbath observance

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    To him [Robert Leighton] the sabbath was a festive day; and he would repair to God's house with a willing spirit when his body was infirm. One rainy Sunday, when through indisposition he was hardly equal to going abroad, he still persisted in attending church, and said in excuse for his apparent rashness, "Were the weather fair I would stay at home, but since it is foul I must go; lest I be thought to countenance, by my example, the irreligious practice of letting trivial hindrances keep us back from public worship."

    John Norman Pearson, ‘The Life of Archbishop Leighton’ in The Whole Works of the Most Reverend Father in God, Robert Leighton, D.D., Archbishop of Glasgow (2 vols, London: James Duncan, 1828), 1: 60.
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