Robert Hill on the reasons for affliction

Reformed Covenanter

Puritanboard Commissioner
Now of all other temptations, it pleaseth God to suffer his church to be tempted with afflictions. It is never free either from the sword of Ishmael; which is a reviling tongue: or the sword of Esau, a persecuting hand. Neither was there yet ever Christian man found, who had not his part in the cup of affliction. We must drink of the same cup our master did: the disciple is not about his master.

The reasons why God doth visit vs thus with afflictions, are: 1. To humble us. 2. To wean us. 3. To winnow us. 4. To prevent us. 5. To teach us. 6. To enlighten us. 7. To honour us. 8. To cure us. 9. To crown us. 10. To comfort us. 11. To protect us. 12. To adopt us. And last of all, to teach and comfort others. ...

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