RHB's 2022 Thanksgiving Sale is live—$240 off Thomas Goodwin, $85 Off Brakel and more.

Regi Addictissimus

Completely sold out to the King
Hello, everyone. I thought people on here would be excited to know some of the deals we have on this year's sale, which is now live.

  • Thomas Goodwin's Works, 12 vol. MSRP: $480 Sale: $240
  • Brakel's Christian's Reasonable Service, 4 vol. MSRP: $180 Sale: $95
  • John Trapp's Commentaries, 5 vol. MSRP: $280 Sale: $180
  • Beeke's Reformed Systematic Theology, 3 vol. MSRP: $190 Sale: $90
  • John Owen's Biblical Theology MSRP: $50 Sale: $20
There is a lot more. Check it out here.
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Kindly asking, until when is the deal available? Is there a last day for the sale?