Review of RGM’s BA&S


Puritan Board Freshman
The trends you identify are true. When women were first given the franchise in the UK, they voted Conservative by a majority (and for a while more women voted Conservative than men). And the Prohibition movement had a lot of women leaders. As women became more independent, however, these trends changed. I never said the franchise was the only factor. But once women had been infected by leftism then their vote became very powerful in pushing the leftist, degenerate agenda. Our societies survived quite a while with men (though in limited numbers) voting and much, much longer with men ruling our societies. Whereas they didnt survive even 50 years with women being enfranchised. Go figure.
I think I more or less agree with you. I have often wondered whether the only real solution is a limited franchise, where you earn it via military service or some other such service. You would at least have a chance to strengthen the character of the voter before they exercise that responsibility. I get the feeling though that many Western Democracies have devolved into a form of mob rule (partcularly the partisan kind found in the Eastern Roman Empire). Perhaps this is the way of all carnal governance?


Puritan Board Junior
Certainly any society and government that does not have the Law of God as its rule will come undone eventually. Another thing to note about the franchise, and movements like Prohibition, is that these were progressive movements. Prohibition was as much about personal improvement, healthy living and protecting wives and children from husbands who spent all the housekeeping money on drink as it was about promoting Biblical morality. I think Prohibition was an excellent cause but it wasn't an exclusively Christian one. That progressive spirit would go on to fuel many other movements which are quite antithetical to Christian morality.