Review my "Sermon"?

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Review my \"Sermon\"?

We yesterday read "A Modest Proposal" by Jonathan Swift for English; and, as you might know, "A Modest Proposal" is some of the best satire which exists in English. for homework, our teacher told us to write our own satire. So I wrote one in the form of a sermon, similar to one I heard on TBN. :bigsmile:

Any thoughts? My mother told me it was rather laborious to read.

"Treasure in Heaven

A sermon most gloriously and humbly composed by

Rev. A.C. upon the date of 7 Jan, 2005.

Great and Manifold have been the blessings of God upon his

chosen church, that we should be the recipients of all

heavenly favour given to us in Christ. Yet, dear church, we

so often reflect on the things of lesser importance, such as

our future heavenly home or eternal salvation, rather than

to be satisfied with our material gains in this earthly plane.

For how can we know of the blessings of God and the hope

of heaven if God had not immensely blessed us with wealth

and prosperity? For how does God give hope of treasure in

heaven if we have not our treasure also in earth? Does the

favour of God rest upon those who beg scrounge, who are

so openly and obviously in sin that their very outside

countenance is as their wicked soul? No, I say, for God

states in Deuteronomy that His true followers have been

placed upon earth, have been made part of the upper third,

that we might be a help to petulant sinners who yet remain

under God´s curse, ergo, in the lesser two thirds. For do

they not read the scripture which states that Abraham

believed god, and by faith he was justified? Yet did Abraham

become as the poor, unregenerate soul? No, for he himself

was made the owner of the Lord´s "œcattle on a thousand

hills," the possessor of the greatest wealth upon the earth

at that time. And why? Because just Abraham was the least

of sinners. For those that would cavil and say that the

measure of our wealth is not the true indicator of our state

in the life after death do err, not knowing the scriptures

which say that God has given his children every spiritual

blessing. For what blessing can be more spiritual than

getting wealth for the purpose of our satisfaction in God,

and to help the poor, which the Lord states that we always

have with us? Do we not also read that it is more blessed to

give than receive? Therefore, how much more is it for God to

give, and we to receive? Wherefore the scripture also

states that whatsoever shall be bound on earth shall be

bound in heaven. So if therefore the celestial kingdom is a

reflection of the terrestrial kingdom, the greater our riches in

heaven, the greater upon earth. I think not that this point

be extended further, seeing as I have so soundly confuted

any opposition to this most happy doctrine. Yet I come now

to my second point which is that if God has been pleased to

bless us with our most deserved wealth, seeing that we

ourselves can choose our eternal destiny in lieu of His

sovereignty, we ought to bless the church by giving most

generously to its ministers. For we know verily that those

who tithe not abase themselves and thereby damn their

own souls to perdition. God has need of money, and has

also chosen his ministers to convey this wealth; for how can

a man go to God except it be through the church? Do you

not know that as the coin drops into the wooden chest, a

soul flies to its heavenly rest? Therefore, as it is so plainly

stated in the words of the third chapter of Malachi, we out to

bring our tithes into my storehouse, that I might be plentiful

in harvest. Does not our Lord also say, then, that when we

are in torment, no one shall not leave until the uttermost

farthing be paid? Let us hear the conclusion of the matter.

We who in abundance have wealth do also have the

gloriousness of God shining upon us, that we might use

those things which abound in our purses to bless the work

of God´s minister, without which there is no salvation.

In Nomine Domini. Amen. "

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