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Travis Fentiman

Puritan Board Freshman
Why should a Christian read a significant portion of the apocryphal literature?

Because falsehood and deception breeds on ignorance. The Truth does not fear the unknown, or anything at all; rather, it exposes darkness for what it is. Do not found your faith on ignorance. Have you found God’s Word to be true in view of every other option?

When every other alternative is surveyed and found out, it is seen that there are no competitors to God’s Word, no part of God’s Word has been lost, and necessarily, no other book will ever be added to the Canon of the inspired Word of God.

Here is a large collection of resources on the Apocrypha and Pseudepigraphia, demonstrating that the apocryphal books are not the Word of God, with an Introduction.

Yet, some of the apocryphal books are very valuable regarding historical information regarding the context of the New Testament. The resources on the same page will allow you to dig as far as you desire into the subject.

Many reformed theologians from the Reformation and puritan eras also thought that the Apocrypha had some value for religious edification, and wrote commentaries on it. Here is a start to a collection of such commentaries (mainly in Latin):

I hope these resources may prove helpful to you.
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