Resources for Roman Catholicism?

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I'm wondering if anyone knows any resources for those who have been newly converted out of Roman Catholicism (or those who might still be stuck in the monstrosity that is Rome).

I know about Richard Bennett and his website (Berean Beacon). Are there others?

Rev. Todd Ruddell

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Robert Reymond has a little book, 150 pages or so, called "The Reformation's Conflict with Rome, and why it must Continue". I recommend that book to all RC's that will read it as a starter for dicscussions.
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R.C. Sproul's Faith Alone: The Evangelical Doctrine of Justification (Baker, 1995) was a godsend to me as a Roman Catholic. It accurately and effectively, in 'popular' fashion, compares and contrasts the historical Evangelical (Reformed) doctrine of Sola Fide with Roman Catholic soteriology, showing just how much erroneous side-stepping Rome has done over the centuries on what the Gospel is, in the face of Scripture.

Getting acquainted with Calvin's Institutes really helped me as well, in particular through the abridged volume edited by Tony Lane and Hilary Osborne (Baker, 1987).
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