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  1. Travis Fentiman

    Travis Fentiman Puritan Board Freshman

    What is theology? Can we meaningfully speak of God? What method ought one to go about in learning or setting forth all of theology? How do faith and reason relate?

    These are the sorts of questions that Prolegomena (before-speaking) asks and answers. On every front modern theology (and much of evangelical Christian theology) is answering these questions wrong.

    Go back to the old paths. You will find them on this webpage of reformed resources from Church history on prolegomena.

    For those that have an interest in Latin, some of the most extensive, reformed, treatments of prolegomena are in Latin from the 1600’s. The links will take you straight to the section in the work. Most of the works referenced by Richard Muller in his Post-Reformation Reformed Dogmatics (and many more) are linked.

    May you be built up in the true faith of our Lord, and may He get the glory.

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