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Travis Fentiman

Puritan Board Freshman

If it may be of use to you, I have collected the harvest from the public domain on Church histories and on the Early Church, with links at your finger-tips:

There is a lot of amazing material here; I hope you find it useful. Discernment of course is required. The collection is especially useful if one has a question on something, but can't find any resources on it, the answer will more than likely be here, or one can find it from here.

In particular, if you know a bit of Greek and Latin, and would like to get a foot into the 161 volumes of Greek patristics, or the 221 volumes of Latin patristics, I have collected a number of tables of contents, indices [theological, by author, subject, genre, time period, etc.] and other helps for the series that will make this very doable.

Otherwise the sets have no easily found table of contents to even know what is in what volume. This page is the only page that I know of that makes these massive resources easily navigated through.

I hope you may find it helpful.

Other history period subsections, such as the Middle Ages, the Reformation, etc. are still under construction on the site.
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