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I was raised by my grandfather, Dr. Jay Wimberly, a Reformed Baptist preacher in north and central Florida. So when I say that by the time I entered the Army I was living deceived by a prosperity gospel, it should come as a surprise to most.

However, when I deployed to Baghdad, Iraq in 2005, the false prosperity gospel quickly failed me when a roadside bomb killed five from my unit one month into my deployment. Most of that day was surreal, but I unfortunately remember every detail of it. It wasn't until around 1AM the next morning when we were escorting the suspected terrorists to an interrogation site, that my flawed faith came crashing down and the journey back to the truth of God's word began again.

Twelve years later the training, teaching, and example of my grandfather rings truer in my life than ever. Since he passed away in 2012, I have taken on the task of posting some of his devotions to a blog.

I'm just getting started with the process, but you can find the blog here:

I look forward to being a part of these forums.

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Welcome Jarrod!

It hurt to read what you've been through. I pray that God will continue to heal you from such terrible memories and turn them to a ministry of comfort in your life and others.


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Welcome! I love seeing how God is faithful to continuing generations. Thank you for your service in all respects.
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