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I have been sitting in a hospital waiting room for a long time and am not able to get work done while here, so I thought I would try to put my time to good use. Many people produce lists of "The Best Commentaries." This is not one of those lists. Instead, I was searching through my files (and the placeholders in my files) and thought that a list of *all* the old Reformed commentaries would be a highly useful resource. Thus, while it is obvious many works will be left out, I have attempted to create a database of which 16th and 17th century British and Continental Reformed commentators have published on which books. The reader will note that a few 18th century authors have slipped in (and even a nineteenth century author by accident -- a prize to the person who notices first!). I have restricted myself to Reformed authors, which means I have indeed passed by several good works which are Lutheran. Also, contrary to a list such as Spurgeon's list of commentaries, this passes by many grammatical and exegetical works from the 18th, 19th (and by extension 20th centuries), focusing strictly upon those old, orthodox (generally dogmatic) Reformed commentaries. Also, the reader will note that many of these works are yet in Latin. Apologies. This is designed simply to serve as a database for those doing research or sermon prep who want to know what older resources are available. Which brings me to my last point -- *almost* all of the works included on this list are available in electronic format somehow -- whether through free resources such as googlebooks, Internet Archives, the Munich library, or any of the sources listed on Calvin Seminary's wonderful new resource; but many of them are, indeed, through databases which require subscription. Thus, here is the NT list -- or at least part of it if I don't finish it quickly enough. (Finally, please feel free to mention any works left out, so long as they fit the parameters of this list and I will include them!)

The Whole New Testament:
1. Beza, Theodore Annotations. The full version of this is only available in Latin, but is pure gold.
2. Bullinger, Heinrich. Bullinger produced (mostly all still in Latin):
a. A Harmony of the Gospels
b. Commentaries on Mark, John, Acts and the Epistles
c. A series of sermons from the Apocalypse​
3. Calvin - Harmony on the Gospels, and commentaries on all NT books except Revelation.
4. Cameron, John produced annotations on the NT.
5. Cartwright, Thomas. Confutation of the Rhemists translation.
6. Diodati -- Brief annotations.
7. The Dutch Annotations -- brief annotations prepared by order of the Synod of Dort.
8. Geneva Bible annotations.
9. Henry, Matthew. Practical commentary on the Gospels and Acts of the Apostles. He died before working on the the epistles, so they were done by others and published with his work.
10. Leigh, Edward produced his Critica Sacra of philological and theological annotations on scripture.
11. Piscator, Johannes composed annotations upon all the NT, with (I think) the exception of Revelation. Latin.
12. Poole, Matthew, Synopsis Criticorum. This was his attempt at a synopsis of all the critical remarks of all commentators. Valuable as a "one stop shop." Mostly Latin, though the Matthew Poole Project has now released some NT material. Also, he wrote his English Annotations, a commentary of a quite different nature than his previous work (though the whole of the NT of this work was completed by others, as well as much of the OT, on account of his death).
13.Trapp, John
14. Westminster Annotations. Prepared by various British divines.
15. Zwingli, Ulrich wrote annotations upon the NT. Latin. Of historical interest, but unfortunately I have found little use for them.
16. Baxter, Richard - though his name's appearance here (along with Cameron's) might be suspect, nevertheless his paraphrase of the NT can have value.
17. Cocceius, Johannes. Commentaries, annotations or scholia in all books of the New Testament.
18. Mayer, John. English.
19. Pearson, John, et al. Critici Sacri. A massive anthology of various Reformed exegetes on each verse of scripture.
20. Marlorat, Augustin. Novi Testamenti Catholica expositio ecclesiastica... Latin compilation of Greek text and notes by many exegetes.
21. Aretius, Benedictus. Commentarii in Novum Testamentum.

Remember for all following categories that the above works also apply, as they cover the whole of the NT.

The Gospels
  1. Bucer, Martin wrote a harmony of the Gospels. Latin. (Also, he wrote separately on each gospel, though these are not included below).
  2. Burman, Franz appears to have written a harmony of the Evangelists in Dutch.
  3. Cartwright, Thomas. Harmonia evangelica, commentario, analytico, metaphrasitco, practico, illustrata.
  4. Gryneaus, J.J. Latin. I am not sure as to the precise nature of this work.
  5. Gwalther, Rudolf. Latin.
  6. Lightfoot, Bishop John. The Harmony of the Four Evangelists Among Themselves, in Works 4 and 5; also, Horae Hebraicae et Talmudicae; or, Hebrew and Talumudical Exercitations upon..., which covers Matthew, Mark, Luke, John, Acts, Romans and 1 Corinthians.
  7. Scultetus, Abraham. Latin.

  1. Aretius, Benedict. Latin. On all four gospels.
  2. Daneau, Lambert.
  3. Dickson, David. Scottish divine.
  4. de Dieu, Loedwijk.
  5. Gomarus, Franciscus. Not a full commentary. Latin.
  6. Musclus, Wolfgang. Massive. Latin.
  7. Oecolampadius, Johannes. Latin.
  8. Pareus, David. Leigh highly esteemed this work. Latin.
  9. Ridley, Lancelot. English.
  10. Van Til, Salomon. Dutch.
  11. Marlorat, Augustin. English.
  12. Junius, Franciscus. Latin.

  1. Daneau, Lambert. Latin.
  2. de Dieu, Loedwijk.
  3. Junius, Franciscus. Latin.
  4. Marlorat, Augustin. English.
  5. Pareus, David. Latin.
  6. Petter, George.

  1. de Dieu, Loedwijk
  2. Gomarus, Franciscus. Latin.
  3. Pareus, David. Latin.
  4. Foote, James. Lectures in English.
  5. Marlotat, Augustin. English.
  6. Lambert, Franz. Latin.

  1. Alesius, Alexander. Latin.
  2. Aretius, Benedict. Latin.
  3. Bucer, Martin. Latin. Enarratio in evangelion Johannis
  4. Daneau, Lambert.
  5. Gomarus, Franciscus. Latin.
  6. Hesenius, Daniel. Latin.
  7. Hutcheson, George. English.
  8. Lampe, Friedrich. 3 Vols. Latin.
  9. Marlorat, Augustin. English. (Wrote on whole NT; will hence forth only list those separate works which have appeared in English)
  10. Musculus, Wolfgang.
  11. Oecolampadius, Johannes. Latin.
  12. Pareus, David. Latin.
  13. Rollock, Robert. English. On portions of the last several chapters on John.

  1. Aretius, Benedict. Latin.
  2. de Dieu, Loedwijk.
  3. Grynaeus, Johann Jakob.
  4. Gwalther, Rudolf. English! Successor of Bullinger at Zurich.
  5. Lightfoot, John. English.

  1. Alting, J. Latin. Commentarius in Epistolam ad Romanos, cui affixa est analysis nitidissima totius ejusem epistolae.
  2. Aretius, Benedict. Latin. In Commentarii in omnes epistolas D. Pauli, et canonicas.
  3. Brown, John (Edinburgh) English. Analytical Expositions of Romans.
  4. Brown, John (Wamphray) English. An Exposition of the Epistle of Paul to the Romans. Here.
  5. Bucer, Martin. Latin. Metaphrasis et enarratio in Epist. D. Pauli apostoli ad Romanos...
  6. Cocceius, Johannes. Commentarius in Epistolam Pauli ad Romanos. Works, 5.
  7. Dale, John. English. In Analysis of all the epistles of the New Testament
  8. de la Faye, Antoine. Latin. Commentarius in Epistolam ad Romanos.
  9. Dickson, David. English. In An Exposition Of All St. Pauls Epistles
  10. a Diest, Heinrich. Latin. Conciones in quinque priora capita Epistolae Pauli apostoli, ad Romanos,
  11. de Dieu, Loedwijk. Animadversiones in Epistolam ad Romanos...
  12. Gomarus, Franciscus. Latin. Analysis & Explicatio Epistolae Ad Romanos
  13. Gwalther, Rudolf. In D. Pauli Apostoli Epistolam Ad Romanos Homiliae XCVI
  14. Hyperius, Andreas. Latin. Commentarii in omnes D. Pauli apostoli epistolas, atque etiam in epistolas D. Iudae
  15. Leydekker, Melchior. In De mente Pauli in Epistolis ad Romanos et Galatas Exercitatio
  16. Musculus, Wolfgang. Latin. In Epistolam Romanos commentarii, ...
  17. Oecolampadius, Johannes. Latin. In Epistolam Ad Romanos Annotationes
  18. Olevian, Caspar. Latin. In Epistolam D. Pauli Apostoli Ad Romanos Notae
  19. Pareus, David. Latin. In divinam ad Romanos S. Pauli Epistolam Commentarius, 1620, Heidelberg: here.
  20. Parr, Elnathan. English. Exposition of the Epistle to the Romans. EEBO.
  21. Rollock, Robert. Latin. Analysis dialectica in Pauli Apostoli ad Romanos.
  22. Sclater, William. Incomplete. English. A Key to the Key of Scripture...; covers I-III; An exposition vvith notes on the whole fourth chapter to the the Romanes... on ch. 4. EEBO.
  23. Turretin, J.A. Latin. In Pauli apostoli ad Romanos epistolae capita XI praelectiones criticae, theologicae et concionatoriae I realize it may seem strange to include him, but he does represent an important period of Reformed exegesis. Available here.
  24. Van Til, Salomon. Dutch. De Sendbrieven van Paullus aan de Romeinen en Filippenses, ontleedt, verklaardt en betoogt
  25. Vermigli, Peter Martyr. In Epistolam S. Pauli ad Romanos commetarii doctissimi,...; also Englished in 1568 as Most learned and fruitful Commentaries of D. Peter Marir Vermilius Florentine, ...; and shortly, a new English translation to be released as part of the Peter Martyr Library, translated by Frank James.
  26. Vitringa, Campegius. Dutch. Verklaringe over de agt eerste capittelen van de Brief Paulli aan de Romeinen
  27. Willet, Andrew. English. Hexapla: that is, a six-fold commentarie upon the most divine Epistle...
  28. Wilson, Thomas. English. A commentary on the most divine epistle of St. Paul to the Romans eds. 1614, 1627, 1653 on EEBO.
  29. See also the vast collection of Homiletic material on various chapters of this epistle from Manton, Binning, Elton, Horton.

The Corinthian Letters
  1. Akersloot, Theodorus. Dutch. D'eerste Sendbrief van Paulus aan die van Korinthen, ...
  2. Alphen, Hieronymous van Ontleedende verklaaring van Paullus tweden brief an die Corinther.
  3. Aretius, Benedict. Latin. See under Romans.
  4. Coccieus, Johannes. Latin. Commentarius in Epistolas 1 & 2 Corinthios, in Works 5.
  5. Dickson, David. English. See under Romans.
  6. Gwalther, Rudolf. Latin. In Priorem D. Pauli Apostoli Ad Corinthios Epistolam Homiliae XCV; and In Posteriorem D. Pauli Apostoli Ad Corinthios Epistolam Homiliae LXIIII
  7. Hyperius, Andreas. Latin. See under Romans.
  8. Morton, Thomas. Latin. Expositio prioris epistolae ad Corinthios
  9. Musculus, Wolfgang. In Apostoli Pauli ambas Epistolas ad Corinthios commentarii
  10. Pareus, David. Latin. In divinam ad Corinthios priorem S. Pauli apostoli epistolam commentarius
  11. Rollock, Robert. Latin. In utramque ad Corinthios,...
  12. Sclater, William. Latin. Utriusque epistolae ad Corinthios explicata analytica,...
  13. Van Til, Salomon. Latin. Commentarius in quatuor Pauli Epistolas, nempe priorem ad Corinthios, Ephesios, Philippenses, ac Colossenses.; also, Dutch, Kort bondige verklaring over den eersten Brief van Paulus aan die van Korinthen
  14. Vermigli, Peter Martyr. Latin. In selectissimam S. Pauli priorem ad Corinth. epistolam ... commentarii . Soon to be English in the Peter Martyr Library.
  15. Vitringa, Campegius. Latin. Exercitationes in difficiliora loca prioris Epistolae Pauli ad Corinthios

  1. Akersloot, Theodorus. Dutch. (also, German translation): de Sendbrief van Paullus an de Galaten.
  2. Alphen, Hieronymous van. (2 Separate works). Specimina analytica in Epistolas Pauli sex : ratione ordinis temporis, quo scriptae sunt, utrasque ad Thessalonicenses, ad Galatas, ad Ephesios, & ustraque ad Corinthios : inservientia consideratis attentè ad singulas prolegomenis investigationi sensus, scopi, et fili sermonis illarum
  3. Aretius, Benedict. See under Romans.
  4. Boston, Thomas. English. A Paraphrase upon the Epistle of Paul to the Galatians.
  5. Brown, John.
  6. Calvin, Jean. Sermons. English.
  7. Cocceius, Johannes. Latin.
  8. Dickson, David. English.
  9. Ferguson, James. English.
  10. Gomarus, Franciscus. Latin.
  11. Grynaeus, Johann Jakob.
  12. Gwalther, Rudolf. Latin.
  13. Hyperius, Andreas. Latin.
  14. Leydekker, Melchior. Latin. See under Romans.
  15. Megander, Caspar. Latin.
  16. Musculus, Wolfgang. Latin.
  17. Olevian, Caspar. Latin.
  18. Pareus, David.
  19. Perkins, William. English.
  20. Prime, John. English.
  21. Rollock, Robert. Latin.

  1. Aretius, Benedict. Latin.
  2. Baynes, Paul. English.
  3. Boyd, Robert. Latin.
  4. Bucer, Martin. Latin.
  5. Calvin, Jean. Sermons. English.
  6. Dickson, David. English.
  7. Dinant, Petrus. Latin.
  8. Du Bosc, Pierre. French.
  9. Goodwin, Thomas. Sermons on the first two chapters. English.
  10. Ferguson, James. English.
  11. Gwalther, Rudolf.
  12. Hyperius, Andreas. Latin.
  13. Megander, Caspar. Latin.
  14. Musculus, Wolfgang. Latin.
  15. Ridley, Lancelot. English.
  16. Rollock, Robert. Latin.
  17. Van Til, Salomon. Latin.
  18. Zanchi, Jerome. Latin.

End of part 1. I should be sitting again later, and will organize the second half.
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Ken, are you referring to William Plumer and his commentary on Romans? If so, (I haven't read the work, but I have heard of it) it falls outside the time-span I was going for. Do you find it a worthwhile commentary?


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Ken, are you referring to William Plumer and his commentary on Romans? If so, (I haven't read the work, but I have heard of it) it falls outside the time-span I was going for. Do you find it a worthwhile commentary?

It seemed like you were flexible on the 'time-span' so I threw it out there. His works on Romans and Luke have been very helpful to me. (I realize this is not a database of 'stuff that helps Ken')

They are both available for free online...


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Thank you for sharing this.

I have seen J. Piscator's Latin commentary on Acts (it is included in the Alexander Street Digital Library of Classical Protestant Texts). PM me for more info.

Are you doing OT as well? I saw a Genesis analysis by F. Junius Sr. on the Hekman Library site



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Adam, for some reason Piscator on Acts does not show up when I log into DLCPT. Strange.

If I ever have time in the future, I might compile OT data and share. I do have Junius; I noticed vol.1 of his works was recently digitized.


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Here is Part II. A few things to note: 1.) Remember to first consult the list of works which cover the whole of the NT, since those works will include these books as well; 2.) This list does not include the Apocalypse, which may be added later; 3.) The first list has been expanded since I uploaded it, and both of these lists will continue to be enlarged as well. This is far from a finished product. [Also, congrats to Heidi on winning the prize! You have won a free date with the masked, utility belt wearing, caped-crusader Moderator of your choice]. (Note that this list, too, contains John Brown and also Patrick Fairbairn, who both fall outside the stated time criterion of this list)

1. Aretius, Benedict. Latin.
2. Airay, Henry. English.
3. Dallie, Jean. English.
4. Daneau, Lambert. Latin.
5. Dickson, David. English.
6. Gomarus, Franciscus. Latin.
7. Hyperius, Andreas.
8. Musculus, Wolfgang. Latin.
9. Olevian, Caspar. Latin.
10. Van Til, Salomon. Latin and Dutch works.
11. Zanchi, Jerome. Latin.
12. Gwalther, Rudolf.
13. Ferguson, James. English.
14. Schotanus, Meinardus. Latin.

1. Aretius, Benedict. Latin
2. Bayne, Paul. English.
3. Byfield, Nicholas. English.
4. Cartwright, Thomas. English.
5. Dallie, Jean. English.
6. Davenant, John. English.
7. Dickson, David. English.
8. Elton, Edward. English.
9. Gomarus, Franciscus. Latin.
10. Gryneaus, Johann Jakob. Latin.
11. Hyperius, Andreas. Latin.
12. Melanchthon, Phillip. Latin.
13. Musculus, Wolfgang. Latin.
14. Olevian, Caspar. Latin.
15. Rollock, Robert. Latin.
16. Van Til, Salomon. Latin.
17. Zanchi, Jerome. Latin.
18. Gwalther, Rudolf.
19. Ferguson, James. English.
20. van Alphen, Hieronymous.
21. Suicerus, Johannes. Latin.
22. Akersloot, Theodorus. De Send-Brief van Paulus aan de Colossensen

Thessalonian Letters
1. Dickson, David. English.
2. Gomarus, Franciscus. Latin.
3. Hyperius, Benedict. Latin.
4. Jewell, John. English.
5. Musculus, Wolfgang. Latin.
6. Rollock, Robert. Latin.
7. Sclater, William. English.
8. Turretin, J.A. Latin.
9. Zanchi, Jerome. Latin.
10. Gwalther, Rudolf.
11. Ferguson, James. English.
12. van Alphen, Hieronymous. 1 Thessalonians.

1. Alesius (Ales), Alexander. (2 Timothy) Latin.
2. Aretius, Benedict. Latin.
3. Barlow, John. English.
4. Calvin, Jean. Sermons. English.
5. Daneau, Lambert. (1 Timothy) Latin.
6. Dickson, David. English.
7. Fairbairn, Patrick. English.
8. Hall, Thomas. (2 Timothy) English.
9. Hyperius, Andreas. Latin.
10. Musculus, Wolfgang. (1 Timothy) Latin.
11. Scultetus, Abraham. Latin.
12. Taylor, Thomas. (Titus) English.
13. Vitringa, Campegius. (Titus) Latin.
14. Gwalther, Rudolf. Latin.
15. Megander, Caspar. Latin.

1. Attersoll, William. English.
2. Aretius, Benedict. Latin.
3. Daneau, Lambert. Latin.
4. Dickson, David. English.
5. Dyke, Daniel. English.
6. Gomarus, Franciscus. Latin.
7. Hyperius, Andreas. Latin.
8. Jones, William. English.
9. Rollock, Robert. Latin.
10. Scultetus, Abraham. Latin.
11. Taylor, Thomas. English.
12. Gwalther, Rudolf.

  1. Akersloot, Theodorus. De send-brief van Paulus aan de Hebreen
  2. Alphen van, Hieronymous
  3. Alting, J. Latin. Praelectiones in Hebraeos...
  4. Braunius, Johannes. Latin. Commentarius in Epistolam ad Hebraeos.
  5. Brown, John. English.
  6. Cameron, John. Latin. Ad questiones in Epistolam ad Hebraeos...
  7. Cocceius, Johannes. Latin.
  8. Dering, Edward. English. XXVII Lectures or readings upon part of the Epistle to the Hebrews
  9. Dickson, David. English.
  10. Gomarus, Franciscus. Latin.
  11. Gouge, William. English.
  12. Greenham, Richard. English. The Sum of the Epistle to the Hebrews
  13. Gwalther, Rudolf
  14. Hyperius, Andreas. Latin. In Epistolam Pauli ad Hebraeos commentarii
  15. Jones, William. English
  16. Junius, Franciscus. Latin. In Epistolam ad Hebraeos
  17. Lawson, George. English.
  18. Oecolampadius, Johannes. Latin.
  19. Owen, John. English.
  20. Pareus, David. Latin.
  21. Rollock, Robert. Latin.
  22. Wittich, Christopher*. Latin.
  23. Also, see Perkins and Manton upon the 11th Chapter.

1. Aretius, Benedict. Latin.
2. Dickson, David. English.
3. Gomarus, Franciscus. Latin.
4. Manton, Thomas. English.
5. Turnbull, Richard. English.

Peterine Epistles
  1. Adams, Thomas (2 Peter). English.
  2. Ames, William. English.
  3. Aretius, Benedict. Latin.
  4. Brown, John. English
  5. Byfield, Nicholas. (1 Peter) English.
  6. Dickson, David. English.
  7. Gomarus, Franciscus. Latin.
  8. Leighton, Robert (1 Peter). English.
  9. Nisbet, Alexander. English.
  10. Rogers, John. English.
  11. Schotanus, Meinardus. Latin. Analysis et commentarius in Epistolam primam Petri

Johannine Epistles
  1. Aretius, Benedict. Latin
  2. Binning, Hugh (1 John) English.
  3. Cotton, John (1 John) English.
  4. Daneau, Lambert. Latin.
  5. Dickson, David. English.
  6. Gomarus, Franciscus. Latin.
  7. Gryneaus, J.J. Latin
  8. Gwalther, Rudolf.
  9. Hardy, Nathaniel. English.
  10. Jones, William.
  11. Marlorat, Augustin. English.
  12. Oecolampadius, Johannes. (1 John) Latin.
  13. Roberts, Francis. English. Believer's Evidences for eternal life, collected out of 1 John.
  14. Zanchi, Jermone. Latin. Commentaria ad 1 Epistolam Johannis

  1. Aretius, Benedict. Latin.
  2. Broughton, Hugh. English. A Discourse upon the Epistle of Jude
  3. Daneau, Lambert. Latin.
  4. Dickson, David. English.
  5. Gomarus, Franciscus. Latin.
  6. Hyperius, Andreas. Latin.
  7. Jenkyn, William. English.
  8. Junius, Franciscus. Latin.
  9. Manton, Thomas. English.
  10. Otes, Samuel. English.
  11. Perkins, William. English.
  12. Turnbull, Richard. English. An Exposition upon the canonical Epistle of St. Jude
  13. Willet, Andrew. English.
  14. Witsius, Herman. Latin. Commentarius in Epistolam Judae
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Thankyou for your hard work, Paul.

James Foote is 19th c., and a good Free Churchman.

Is Boyd on Ephesians not on a database?


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Ah, yes, Foote! I forgot I let him slip in there despite his late date. I was just very impressed with the work.

I am unfamiliar with the work by Boyd. I will look into it.


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Adam, yes, I made a slip above when I mentioned its difficulty to find. It's actually indexed several places, including EEBO (and even worse, on my own hard-drive!). Sorry for the confusion. Thanks for finding it though!

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Does Rev. Winzer also win a date with the masked, utility belt wearing, caped-crusader Moderator of his choice, Paul?

I have this bookmarked, along with other things you've conglomerated for us :) Thank you.


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Below is a protoype of the Old Testament version. There is much material here, and so this list is far from complete. If the work was originally in another language and then translated to English, then the "English" after the name will be in parantheses.

*Note also that the NT version has been substantially updated, and will continue to be upgraded, as will this.

Whole Old Testament.
  1. Critici Sacri. Latin.
  2. De Dieu, Loedwijk (Latin)
  3. Diodati -- Annotations. (English).
  4. Dutch Annotations. (English).
  5. Geneva Notes. English.
  6. Jackson, Arther.
  7. Henry, Matthew. English.
  8. Lightfoot, John. English. A Chronicle and Harmony of the Old Testament
  9. Mayer, John. English.
  10. Pareus, David
  11. Pellican Conrad. Latin.
  12. Piscator, Johannes. Latin.
  13. Poole, Matthew. Two Separate works. The first is his (Latin) massive Synopsis of critical observations of theologians; the second are his English Annotations.
  14. Tossanus, Daniel. Latin.
  15. Trapp, John. English.
  16. Westminster Annotations. English.

  1. Ainsworth, Henry. English.
  2. Alting, J. Latin.
  3. Aretius, Benedict. Latin. In d. Mosis Pentateuchum ... commentarii
  4. Burman, Francis. German.
  5. Calvin, John. Harmony of Pentateuch. (English)
  6. Junius, Franciscus. (Latin)
  7. a Mark, Johannes. (Various portions of the Pent.) Latin.

  1. Bunyan, John (First 10 Chapters) English.
  2. Calvin, John. (English).
  3. Calvin, John. Sermons. (English/portions)
  4. Cappell, Louis. Latin
  5. Cartwright, Christopher. Latin.
  6. Cocceius, Johannes. Latin.
  7. Drusius, Johannes. Latin.
  8. Fagius, Paul (first several chapters). Latin.
  9. Heidegger, J.H. (Not a commentary, but rather a "History of the Patriarch;" worth including). Latin.
  10. Junius, Franciscus (3 Ch.) Latin.
  11. Lavater, Ludwig. Latin.
  12. Lightfoot, John. English.
  13. Hughes, George. English.
  14. Marlorat, Augustin. Latin.
  15. Mercerus, Johannes. Latin.
  16. Musculus, Wolfgang. Latin.
  17. Oecolampadius, Johannes. Latin.
  18. Rivet, Andre. Latin.
  19. Venema, Herman (Dissertations). Latin.
  20. Vermigli, Peter. Latin.
  21. White, John. (First 3 Chapters). English.
  22. Willet, Andrew. English.

  1. Cartwright, Christopher. Latin.
  2. Cocceius, Johannes. Latin.
  3. Hughes, George. English
  4. Lightfoot, John. English.
  5. Rivet, Andre. Latin.
  6. Willet, Andrew. English.
  7. Zwingli, Ulrich. Latin.

  1. Cocceius, Johannes. Latin.
  2. Spanheim, Friedrich. Latin.
  3. Willet, Andrew. English.

  1. Attersoll, William. English.
  2. Cocceius, Johannes. Latin.

  1. Alting, J. Latin.
  2. Calvin, John. Sermons. (English)
  3. Cocceius, Joahhnes. Latin.
  4. Lavater, Ludwig. Latin.
  5. Vitringa, Campegius (On the Song of Moses). Latin.

  1. Burman, Fracis. German.
  2. Calvin, John (English)
  3. Cocceius, Johannes. Latin
  4. Lavater, Ludwig. Latin. Sermons.
  5. Lightfoot, John

  1. Bucer, Martin
  2. Burman, Francis. German.
  3. Cocceius, Johannes. Latin.
  4. Lavater, Ludwig. Latin. Sermons.
  5. Rogers, Richard. English
  6. Vermigli, Peter. (English)

  1. Bernard, Richard. English.
  2. Burman, Francis. German.
  3. Drusius, Johannes. Latin.
  4. Fuller, Thomas. English.
  5. Lavater, Ludwig. (English)
  6. Mercerus, Johannes. Latin.
  7. Topsell, Edward. English.

1 & 2 Samuel
  1. Burman, Francis. German.
  2. Calvin, Jean. Sermons on 1 Samuel.
  3. Guild, William. 2 Samuel. English.
  4. Lambert, Franz. Commentarius in quatuor libros Regum et in Acta Apostolorum
  5. Vermigli, Peter. Latin.
  6. Willet, Andrew. English.

1 & 2 Kings
  1. Burman, Francis. German.
  2. Lambert, Franz. Latin. See under Samuel.
  3. Vermigli, Peter. Latin.

1 & 2 Chronicles
  1. Burman, Francis. German.
  2. Lavater, Ludwig. Latin.

  1. Burman, Francis. German.
  2. Lavater, Ludwig. Latin. Sermons.
  3. ~Pemble, William. Historical work dealing with Persian time.

  1. Burman, Francis. German.
  2. Lavater, Ludwig. Latin. Sermons.
  3. Pilkington, James. English.
  4. Wolf, Johann. Latin.

  1. Burman, Francis. German.
  2. Drusius, Johannes. Latin.
  3. Merlin, Pierre.

  1. Beza, Theodore. (English)
  2. Calvin, John. Sermons (English)
  3. Caryl, Joseph. English.
  4. Cocceius, Johannes. Latin.
  5. Drusius, Johannes. Latin.
  6. Durham, James. English.
  7. Hottinger, J.J. Latin.
  8. Hutcheson, George. English.
  9. Lavater, Ludwig. Latin.
  10. Leigh, Edward. English.
  11. Marlorat, Augustin. Latin.
  12. Mercerus, Johannes. Latin.
  13. Oecolampadius, Johannes. Latin.
  14. Spanheim, Friedrich. Latin.
  15. Zwingli, Ulrich. Latin.

  1. Ainsworth, Henry. English.
  2. Ames, William. English.
  3. Calvin, Jean. (English).
  4. Cocceius, Johannes. Latin.
  5. Dickson, David.
  6. Drusius, Johannes. Latin.
  7. Leigh, Edward. English.
  8. Marlorat, Augustin. Latin.
  9. Musculus, Wolfgang. Latin.
  10. Rivet, Andre. Latin.
  11. Venema, Herman. Latin.
  12. Wilcocks, Thomas. English.
  13. Zwingli, Ulrich. Latin.

(There are so many sermons and comments upon sundry portions of this book that it seems quite impossible for an individual to even begin to compile a list of major comments from the time period)

  1. Cartwright, Thomas. Latin.
  2. Cocceius, Johannes. Latin.
  3. Dod, John. English.
  4. Jermin, Michael. English.
  5. Lavater, Ludwig. Latin.
  6. Leigh, Edward. English.
  7. Mercerus, Johannes. Latin.
  8. Muffet, Peter. English.
  9. Taylor, Francis. English.
  10. Wilcocks, Thomas. English.
  11. Zwingli, Ulrich. Latin.

  1. Beza, Theodore. (English)
  2. Broughton, Hugh. English.
  3. Cartwright, Thomas. Latin.
  4. Cotton, John. English.
  5. Greenham, Richard. English.
  6. Cocceius, Johannes. Latin.
  7. Jermin, Michael. English
  8. Leigh, Edward. English.
  9. Mercerus, Johannes. Latin.
  10. Pemble, William. English.
  11. Scultetus, Abraham. Latin.
  12. Zwingli, Ulrich. Latin.

Song of Solomon
  1. Ainsworth, Henry. English.
  2. Beza, Theodore. (English)
  3. Cocceius, Johannes. Latin.
  4. Collinges, John. English.
  5. Cotton, John. English.
  6. Durham, James. English
  7. Erskine, Ralph. English. Paraphrase.
  8. Hellenbrook, Abraham. Dutch.
  9. Leigh, Edward. English.
  10. Marckius, Johannes. Latin.
  11. Marlorat, Augustin. Latin.
  12. Mercerus, Johannes. Latin.
  13. Sibbes, Richard. English.
  14. Wilcocks, Thomas. English.
  15. Zwingli, Ulrich. Latin.

  1. Bullinger, Heinrich. Sermons. Latin.
  2. Calvin, John. (English)
  3. Cocceius, Johannes. Latin.
  4. Drusius, Johannes. Latin.
  5. Gwalther, Rudolf. Latin. Sermons.
  6. Hellebrook, Abraham. Dutch.
  7. Marlorat, Augustin. Latin.
  8. Musculus, Wolfgang. Latin.
  9. Oecolampadius, Johannes. Latin.
  10. Ursinus, Zacharias. Latin.
  11. Van Til, Salomon. Latin (In various prophets)
  12. Vitringa, Campegius. Latin.
  13. Zwingli, Ulrich. Latin.

Isaiah 53
  1. Alting, J. Latin.
  2. Durham, James. English.
  3. Manton, Thomas. English.
  4. Marckius, Johannes. Latin.
  5. Rivet, Andre. Latin.

  1. Alting, J. Latin.
  2. Bullinger, Heinrich. Latin. Sermons.
  3. Calvin, Jean. (English)
  4. Oecolampadius, Johannes. Latin.
  5. Venema, Herman. Latin.
  6. Zwingli, Ulrich. (Latin)

  1. Bullinger, Heinrich. Latin.
  2. Erskine, Ralph. English.
  3. Taylor, Francis. Latin.
  4. Vermigli, Peter (English)

  1. Calvin, Jean (English).
  2. Greenhill, William. English.
  3. Junius, Franciscus. Latin.
  4. Lavater, Ludwig. Latin.
  5. Polanus, Amandus. Latin.
  6. Oecolampadius, Johannes. Latin.
  7. Venema, Herman. Latin.

  1. Brightman, Thomas. English.
  2. Bullinger, Heinrich. Latin.
  3. Calvin, Jean. (English)
  4. Junius, Franciscus. Latin.
  5. Oecolampadius, Johannes. Latin.
  6. Parker, Thomas. English.
  7. Polanus, Amandus. Latin.
  8. Rollock, Robert. Latin.
  9. Venema, Herman. Latin.
  10. Willet, Andrew. English.

Minor Prophets
  1. Calvin, Jean. (English).
  2. Cocceius, Johannes. Latin.
  3. Daneau, Lambert. (English)
  4. Drusius, Johannes. Latin.
  5. Gwalther, Rudolf. (English)
  6. Hutcheson, George. English.
  7. Lightfoot, John. Latin.
  8. Marckius, Johannes. Latin.
  9. Oecolampadius, Johannes. Latin.

  1. Burroughs, Jeremiah. English.
  2. Capito, Wolfgang. Latin
  3. Downame, John. English.
  4. Mercerus, Johannes. Latin.
  5. Pocock, Edward, English.
  6. Polanus, Amandus. Latin.
  7. Rivet, Andre. Latin.
  8. Zanchi, Jerome. Latin.

  1. Mercerus, Johannes. Latin.
  2. Pocock, Edward. English.
  3. Topsell, Edward. English.

  1. Benefield, Sebastian. English.
  2. Burman, Francois. Latin.
  3. Hall, Thomas. English.
  4. Mercerus, Johannes. Latin

  1. Gomarus, Franciscus. Latin.
  2. Lambert, Franz.
  3. Marbury, Edward. English.
  4. Mercerus, Johannes. Latin.
  5. Pilkington, James. English.
  6. Rainolds, Joliet. English.

  1. Abbot, George. English.
  2. Calvin, Jean. Sermons. English.
  3. Fuller, Thomas. English.
  4. Junius, Franciscus. Latin.
  5. King, John. English.
  6. Mercerus, Johannes. Latin.

  1. Lambert, Franz. Latin.
  2. Pococke, Edward. English

  1. Bibliander, Theodore. Latin. Propheta Nahum, iuxta veritatem hebraicam,...

    1. Capito, Wolfgang. Latin.
    2. Marbury, Edward. English.

    1. Bucer, Martin. Latin.
    2. Perkins, William. Sermons. English.

    1. Grynaeus, J.J. (English)
    2. Pilkington, James. English.
    3. Rainolds, John. English.

    1. Pemble, William. English.
    2. Vitringa, Campegius. Latin.

    1. Pococke, Edward. English
    2. Polanus, Amandus. Latin.
    3. Sclater, William. English.
    4. Stock, Richard. English.
    5. Van Til, Salomon. Latin
    6. Venema, Herman. Latin.
    7. Vitringa, Campegius. Latin.
    8. Watson, Thomas. English. (Third Chapter)
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Arbitrary Moderation
Also, for the Apocalypse or Revelation (I forgot this was not included above):

The Revelation
Aretius, Benedictus. Latin.
Bullinger, Heinrich. Sermons. (English.)
Colladon, Nicholas. Latin.
Durham, James. English.
Fulke, William (English).
Gomarus, Franciscus. Latin.
Goodwin, Thomas. English.
Hall, Bishop. English.
Junius, Franciscus. (English).
Lambert, Franz. Latin.
Marckius, Johannes. Latin.
Marlorat, Augustin. (English).
Pareus, David. (English)
Vitringa, Campegius. Latin.


Arbitrary Moderation
Finally, having "completed" this list, I feel some explanation is in order as to why a list such as this could either be useful or important, since I admit that it is not readily apparent, considering that these are all several hundred years old, and many of them are not the best the time period had to offer, and some might simply be not too good. So, consider the following:

1.) Consider that the Reformers and orthodox Theologians were masters of Patristic commentary; even a cursory glance at a standard work of exegesis from a Reformed theologian will show how thoroughly they had studied the exegetical labors of the church Fathers; and as many recent studies have shown, they were generally quite well studied in the Medieval exegetical tradition also. In order to understand the contemporary theological issues and exegetical issues of their day, the old Divines did not first go to the latest or newest works, but carefully considered how those much older authors who were formative to the catholic tradition had dealt with such things. Now, I do not want to suggest that today's exegetes, pastors and theologians should disregard the Patristic authors by any means! Nevertheless, it should be somewhat apparent that a new and very important phase of our tradition was brought forth in the 16th and 17th centuries, which captured and "revitalized" the catholic tradition as represented in the Fathers. Now we, too, before interacting directly with the contemporary theological and exegetical issues, should take time to consider how that (in a relative sense) authoritative period of tradition formulated and laid down trajectories for us.

2.) There is a deep richness that comes from considering these works as an aggregate. Yes, reading the exegetical work of Calvin, or Beza, or Willet, or Gomarus alone does have use (and great use!); nevertheless, there is a great richness and benefit in understanding the broad reaches of our exegetical tradition -- thus, to see how Vermigli, Musculus, Calvin, Cocceius, Lightfoot and Venema *together* understood Genesis, this tells us a whole lot about our tradition as a whole (even as a Confession is not the work of one individual, but of the whole church) and shows us much deeper implications for the relationship of our Theology and Exegesis *today* then simple reading one or two of the best commentators from that period.

3.) This is not designed, then, to replace or suggest that these are "better" in any way than our modern commentaries. You would find it a great struggle to get Waltke on Proverbs, or Carson on John out of my hands. Nevertheless, where these newer commentaries often have great strengths, they are often accompanied by corresponding weaknesses. For instance - hermeneutical methods and theological methodology have changed a great deal since the period of High Orthodoxy. Now, one might think this is good, or one might think this is bad: but what all *should* realize is that one ought to consider whether the conclusions of newer commentaries are different simply because the older commentators did not understand fully, or if they instead consciously rejected the hermeneutical method which would lead to such a conclusion. Are our hermeneutical conclusions compatible with the hermeneutical presuppositions and methods of the Older Systems? if not, do we consider it a development or a regression? We cannot simply assume that our current commentaries have taken "the best" from our tradition. I think we all recognize that there was something important about those first two centuries, and we want to make sure our system is (though further developed and refined) at least in basic continuity with theirs.

4.) Also, it is often the case today that our Exegetes are not Systematicians. Today (partly of necessity, simply because of how much material has been produced over the millenia), we have specialists; then, we had "generalists" (though, speaking sincerely, those "generalists" often had as good or better a command over the specifics than any one today!). Thus, our older exegetes were much more able to see how exegesis related to the system, and when systematic conclusions ought to help us interpret the individual passages differently.

5.) Also, though our knowledge of things such as the Hebrew Language have, indeed, grown immensely since then, this does not mean we should always assume our understanding or application of that grammatical knowledge is better. As Rev. Keister has reminded us many times here on the PB, we need to be serious and take into account our theologians and exegesis from *every* period. Thus, Waltke may have the upperhand over Lightfoot -- but Lightfoot might still be right where Waltke is wrong! These men *really* understood their languages and their Rabbinic sources -- we can't be too quick to dismiss them as quaint.

6.) Finally, this list simply serves as a reference point, originally for my own personal use. It simply serves as a one-stop catalog for pointing out which of our older commentators commented on which books. Stay tuned for further refinements, additions and things to make the lists more useful and usable!
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