Reformed Book Club: Sinfulness of sin - Venning

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Hi Everyone,

Today we began the Sinfulness of sin by Ralph Venning in the Reformed Book Club.

We'll be reading a section of around 10-20 pages each Tuesday for the next 13 or so weeks.

This post is too let you know that it is not too late to jump on board if you want.

Here's a snippet from the end of the section on sin's contrariety to God. Venning makes a most passionate appeal to the reader:
Before we pass on, let me beseech you, whoever you are who read this, to pause a little and consider what is said. For what is said of sin is to be considered by the sinner, and is meant of your and my sin. Shall I not plead for God and your soul, and entreat you to be on God's side, and to depart from the tents of wickedness? Poor soul! Can you find it in your heart to hug and embrace such a monster as this? Will you love that which hates God, and which God hates? God forbid! Will you join yourself to that which is nothing but contrariety to God, and all that is good? Oh, say to this idol, this devil, get hence, what have I to do with you, you (Elymas) sorcerer, you full of all malignity and mischief; you child, yea father of the Devil, you who are the founder of Hell, an enemy to all righteousness, who ceases not to pervert the right ways of the Lord, and to reproach the living God! Away! away! Shall I be seduced by you to grieve the God of all my joy, to displease the God of all my comfort, to vex the God of all my contentment, to do evil against a good God, by whom I live, move, and have my being? Oh no!

Great stuff!
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