Reformed Bible curriculum for Kids

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My kids are 14,9 and 6. They are not homeschooled but I was looking to see if anyone knows where I could get a good Reformed B.C for them. I do the cathechism with them but just wanted to see if there was anything out there like that. thanks


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I've used works from the Reformed Free Publishing Association. Such as Suffer Little Children. I like the pace and the emphasis on map work. I believe we used some of their materials with the older kids, but can't remember for sure which books went with which publisher.

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The Herein Is Love "children's commentaries" consist of complete lessons with teacher's guides for multiple books of the OT thus far.
I agree those are quite good, though you may have a hard time fitting them to the wide age range of your kids.

Also consider Sunday School curricula. You get a lot of choice and many age ranges, and you don't have to be a church to order it. I'd take a look at two sources:

- Children Desiring God. It is not 100% Reformed on all issues but is strongly Calvinistic and consistently Reformed-friendly. These folks have been writing curricula for many years now and have gotten quite good at it.

- Great Commission Publications. This is solidly Reformed but with a strong Presbyterian bent, which is something for you to be aware of as a Baptist. Both the theological content and the creative presentation is excellent. This material engages kids with good stuff.

These are the two sources I know of for Reformed-ish stuff specifically designed to teach kids that offer both a measure of theological rigor and a creative, interesting teaching presentation. Most other resources are lacking for one or the other.

One more thought... Have you gone through Bruse Ware's Big Truths for Young Hearts with your kids? It's theology written from a dad to his kids.
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