Recordings from the Scottish Metrical Psalter (1650)

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A few years back I compiled a list of all the Scottish Psalter psalm recordings I'd been able to find online, and posted the list on my personal blog. However, that list was difficult to update and maintain (for technical reasons), so I've moved the recordings to their own site:

Recordings |

You can sort by tune, meter, etc., and can listen to the recordings on site. Hope it's helpful.


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This looks great, thanks for sharing! My fiancee and I were just looking for good resources to learn Psalm tunes, and this is perfect. I love the layout and the clear identification of tunes, as well.


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Very nice, thank you for sharing. It's always a pleasure to listen to other saints singing the psalms as well.


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I got the CD's of these recordings several years ago. The recordings are online now. I think it is about 40-50 Psalms. There used to be a document that listed the Psalms and the tune but after a quick look at the site I don't see it now. Psalms CD | Presbyterian Reformed Church
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