Recording Sermon - discreetly?

Discussion in 'Computers & Technology' started by Eoghan, Jul 27, 2019.

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    We now have a church website and I have started to to add our ministers sermons. The only "problem" is that our our minister isn't ours. He is our 'interim moderator'. So he preaches at our congregation and then at his own congregation later in the morning.

    We use a mobile phone app which allows members of our congregation who cannot be with us for a variety of reasons at home. To do so our minister attaches a mic to his phone. This works well but apparently the phone cannot record AND broadcast.

    The workaround is to copy the sermons from the other congregation, which I have started to do. I did joke elsewhere about recording our sermon and then comparing it with the other church recording and choosing the best "delivery".

    I have started to "borrow" the sermons ( but noticed that he was using comments from our congregation (named person) in his second delivery of the prepared sermon. I worry that he is going to be really self-conscious of any references to our congregation or members.

    What would be the easiest and most discrete way of recording him? We cant really put a second (wired) mike on him and any microphone on the lectern would have trailing wires to the laptop recording him snowball.jpg I was thinking of using a sony mp3 player with inbuilt mic. It does not have the quality of the my snowball mic. What would you suggest?
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