Reading M'Cheyne This Year

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Like some of you, I'm reading through the Bible this year using Robert Murray M'Cheyne's reading schedule. My pastor is doing the same thing, but he told me that he's not going to read through Jeremiah during the sunny summer months (on the schedule, it's read from July 5-August 23) because he doesn't want read such a grim, depressing book during the summer. He'll read it during some other time this year.

Which leads me to ask: if you're using M'Cheyne this year, are you tweaking it to read the books in a different sequence? If so, how are you re-arranging the schedule, and why?

Stephen L Smith

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I love the M'Cheyne Bible reading schedule. I adjust mine so I read Proverbs twice a year (this reading plan enables one to read the Psalms and New Testament twice. I add Proverbs).


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I'm in my 6th year reading the M'Cheyne plan exactly as prescribed. If it was good enough for Martyn Lloyd-Jones for 53 years it's good enough for me :)

I also incorporated D.A. Carson's 'For The Love of God' into my reading plan following the morning and evening readings. Volume 1 for the morning, volume 2 for the evening reading. Each morning/night he gives an exegesis on one of the 2 readings. Great stuff.


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I should add that I always read each day's passages in biblical order, so sometimes I'll have to reverse the order M'Cheyne gives (as in today's reading).


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I too am using M'Cheyne this year for my Bible reading plan, but I'm chugging straight through with no alterations to it.


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I'm reading M'Cheyne's reading plan (no modifications) with my pastor and several men from my church, and I am absolutely enjoying it.

For 2020, I am reading M'Cheyne, as well as Spurgeon's Morning and Evening. These studies have been such a blessing to me.
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