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Scott Bushey

Puritanboard Commissioner
Upon opting to join PB, the Board Rules were clearly stated. One of the requirements to membership is the embracing of the WCF or 1689 BCF. If one does not embrace either the WCF or 1689 BCF, one should not have considered joining as this would go against the design and managements requests. In the initial stages of formulating this medium, Matt and I felt it important to narrow the window a tad to keep the forum *purer* in regards to the reformation and it's tenets. We have to draw a line; if we don't, where will the blur end?

I appreciate it if you would again review the requirements and if they are not your statement of faith, I suggest either going to just a "lurking" position.

In the recent past, I have had to personally escort a few participants off the board as they were far from reformed. I must remain consistant else fall prey to being accused of holding to double standards.

I add: Typically, one cannot be a dispensational pre millenialist and embrace the WCF or 1689 BCF. So, if you are a dispensational premillenialist, you either joined in error (being ignorant of the confessions) or you disregarded our requests. I suggest that you reread the confessions, reevaluate your alignment with these creeds and do what is correct.

I pray you understand.

To HIM be the Glory!

The Management

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