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Here is the relevant section from T. David Gordon, For what it's worth:

I am staggered by the lack of discussion of John Murray's biblical theology. Many families have a dark secret that they prefer not to talk about: the uncle who gets drunk every Thanksgiving and makes passes at the womenfolk, the eccentric nephew who can't hold a job, etc. Such family secrets are well-known but rarely discussed. The Reformed version of this is John Murray's biblical theology....I wish us to stop regarding Professor Murray's recasting of covenant theology as we do the drunk uncle, as something we cannot discuss openly.

Gordon certainly was not implying that Murray was literally a drunk uncle. If you read this chapter, Gordon does not come off as being abusive or insulting, but actually fairly light-hearted.


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I was not implying that Gordon was saying Murray had one too many shots of Scotch (there was an old John Murray joke to that effect).
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