RC Sproul/ Greg Bahnsen debate

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I have just been reading through this section and find it amazing how presuppositionalists presuppose that their presup. hero won the debate. And I also find it humorous how people cannot see past the realm of possibility. It is not an eldricht approach to see data as probability or even possibility. After all, you experience mere probabilities every day. Anyway, these posts have made day.


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Originally posted by Draught Horse
My favorite Kreeft argument:

1)There is the music of J.S. Bach;
2)there must be a God.

You either get this or you don't

I've always liked...

"Beer. Proof God loves us and wants us to be happy."


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Wow, I have read that several times in the past and get something out of it each times, also Bahnsen shines on subjects that he is really passionate about.

What would you say is the best defense of classical apologetics out there?
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