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    Ralph Venning, English Puritan (1621 - March 10, 1673/74), was the author of Sin, the Plague of Plagues; Learning in Christ's School; Warning to Backsliders; Way to Happiness; and other works. He was among the signers of the Epistle Commending the Westminster Standards. He also endorsed Pleroma to Pneumatikon, or, A being filled with the Spirit wherein is proved that it is a duty incumbent on all men (especially believers) that they be filled with the spirit of God ... : as also the divinity, or Godhead of the Holy Ghost asserted ... : the necessity of the ministry of the Gospel (called the ministry of the Spirit) discussed ... : all heretofore delivered in several sermons from Ephes. 5. 18 by John Goodwin; Ralph Venning.

    He is also famous for the following quotes:

    "All the beauty of the world, 't is but skin deep."

    "They spare the rod, and spoyle the child."
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