Question about Basics of Biblical Hebrew Editions

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Good evening all.

I'm looking into getting the Basics of Biblical Greek Grammar and Textbook. However, being the dirt cheap nut that I am, I go looking for used. I found the first edition grammar and the second edition workbook for under $15 each. Happy day, until I hit upon the question I'm about to ask you.

Are these two would be compatible with one another? If so, great. If not...I can't use them.

Thanks in advance.


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I did a fast check and it seems that all the chapters line up. So I do not see why you could not use them together. I even checked the third edition and they seem the same. I see that in Basics edition 1 chapter 33.13 is 33.15 in the third edition. So I do not see why you could not use them. But check them out for your self.

Seem's like a lot of money for used book's. I paid around $7.00 a book for brand new. Also purchased A Graded Reader of Biblical Greek.

No I haven't used my book's. I have trouble with English. Bought them for future study hopefuly.
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