Pushing the Antithesis-The Apologetic Methodology of Greg L. Bahnsen

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Received the new American Vision Catalog today. In March there is a new book coming out that will interest many on this forum:

Pushing the Antithesis:
The Apologetic Methodology of Greg L. Bahnsen

Foreword by Gary DeMar

Dr. Greg L. Bahnsen is recognized as one of the most effective defenders of the Christian faith who has ever lived. His untimely death in 1995 at the age of 47 was a loss to the Church of Jesus Christ. But in death, he still speaks in numerous audio and video presentations, through the written word, and in those who carry on his legacy.
Pushing the Antithesis is based on a lecture series that Dr. Bahnsen gave at American Vision’s first “Life Preparation Conference.” The twelve chapters—perfect for Bible study—lay out the biblical methodology for defending the faith in a clear but profound way. The book includes study questions, an answer key, and a glossary of terms.

See page 29 for more details.
Hardback, 270 pages • AVAILABLE MARCH 2007

Retail: $24.95 Our Price: $19.95


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^ "Always Ready" is a great introduction to Bahnsen I was told before purchasing it months ago. I have read it, but nothing else by him as of yet.
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