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Just received this via email. I have no financial interest or other connection with Heritage Books.

Great Sale on Used Puritan and Reformed Books-Many Out of Print
-First Come, First Serve-
Order ONLY by email or phone
[email protected] or 616.977.0889
Store Hours 8:30am-5:00pm EST
$2.99 USPS Media Mail On ALL Orders
All books are in good to excellent condition. All sales final.

-Complete Works-

Works of Thomas Adams (3 volumes) (Tanski, HC) $30.00
Works of William Bates (4 volumes) (Sprinkle, HC) $50.00
Works of Thomas Brooks (6 volumes) (Banner, HC) $85.00
Works of John Flavel (6 volumes) (Banner, HC) $85.00
Works of John Howe (3 volumes) (SDG, HC) $90.00
Works of Edward Griffen (2 volumes) (Banner, HC) $20.00
Works of Thomas Manton (22 volumes, Sprinkle, HC) $180.00
Works of Edward Payson (3 volumes) (Sprinkle, HC) $40.00
Works of Richard Sibbes (7 volumes, Banner, HC) $100.00
Works of Henry Smith (2 volumes) (Tentmaker, HC) $40.00
Works of George Swinnock (6 volumes) (Banner, HC) $60.00
Works of David Clarkson (3 volumes) (Banner, HC) $35.00
Works of Jonathan Edwards (2 volumes) (Banner, HC) $75.00
Works of Henry Scougal (SDG, HC) $14.00
Works of John Newton (6 volumes) (Banner, HC) $90.00
Works of Stephen Charnock (vl. 3) (Banner, HC) $20.00
Works of Stephen Charnock (vl. 4) (Banner, HC) $20.00
Works of Stephen Charnock (vl. 5) (Banner, HC) $15.00
Works of Halyburton (4 volumes) (James Begg Society, HC) $50.00
The Works of Robert Leighton (2 vols) (Tentmaker, HC) $52.00

Practical Godliness-Vincent Alsop (SDG, HC) $10.00
The World Conquered by the Faithful Christian-Richard Alleine (SDG, HC) $10.00
Heaven Opened-Richard Alleine (SDG, HC) $10.00
A Sure Guide to Heaven-Joseph Alleine (Banner, PB) $4.00
The Act of Conformity and the Alarm to the Unconverted-Joseph Alleine (SDG, HC) $10.00
The Life and Letters of Joseph Alleine (RHB, PB) $10.00
Prophecy and the Church-OT Allis (P&R, HC) $16.00
Rejoicing in the Lord Always-Robert Asty (SDG, HC) $10.00
The Christian Warrior-Isaac Ambrose (SDG, HC) $10.00
Instructions About Heartwork-Richard Alleine (SDG, HC) $25.00
Thoughts on Religious Experience-Archibald Alexander (Banner, HC) $15.00

General Direction for a Comfortable Walk with God-Robert Bolton (SDG, HC) $40.00
The Carnal Professor/Christ Set Forth-Robert Bolton/Thomas Goodwin (SDG, HC) $15.00
Bible Truth Illustrated-Donald Barnhouse (Revell, PB) $8.00
Let Me Illustrate-Donald Barnhouse (Revell, PB) $8.00
Illustrating Great Themes of Scripture-Donald Barnhouse (Revell, PB) $8.00
The Lives of the Puritans (3 vols) (SDG, HC) $95.00
Christian Directory-Richard Baxter (SDG, HC) $30.00
The Four Last Things-Robert Bolton (SDG, HC) $20.00
The Reformed Pastor-Richard Baxter (Banner, PB) $4.00
The Reformed Pastor-Richard Baxter (SDG, HC) $80.00
Saint's Everlasting Rest-Richard Baxter (Christian Heritage, HC) $25.00
Dying Thoughts-Richard Baxter (Banner, PB) $4.00
Robert Murray M'Cheyne-Andrew Bonar (Banner, PB) $1.75
Lifting Up of the Downcast-William Bridge (Banner, PB) $4.00
Spiritual Refining (2 volumes)-Anthony Burgess (International, HC) $10.00/each
Rare Jewel of Christian Contentment-Jeremiah Burroughs (Banner, PB) $4.00
Gospel Worship-Jeremiah Burroughs (SDG, HC) $10.00
Gospel Remission-Jeremiah Burroughs (SDG, HC) $10.00
Gospel Reconciliation-Jeremiah Burroughs (SDG, HC) $10.00
Gospel Fear-Jeremiah Burroughs (SDG, HC) 2 Copies $10.00
Gospel Conversation-Jeremiah Burroughs (SDG, HC) $10.00
Gospel Revelation-Jeremiah Burroughs (SDG, HC) $10.00
The Evil of Evils-Jeremiah Burroughs (2 copies) (SDG, HC) $12.00
The Excellency of a Gracious Spirit-Jeremiah Burroughs (SDG, HC) $10.00
Treatise of Earthly Mindedness-Jeremiah Burroughs (SDG, HC) $10.00
Hope-Jeremiah Burroughs (SDG, HC) $10.00
Irenicum-Jeremiah Burroughs (SDG, HC) $15.00
The Saint's Treasury-Jeremiah Burroughs (SDG, HC) $25.00
The Saint's Happiness-Jeremiah Burroughs (SDG, HC) $25.00
History of the Dissenters (3 volumes)-Bogue and Bennet (Tentmaker, HC) $60.00
Introduction to Systematic Theology-Louis Berkhof (Baker, HC) $10.00
Jehovah Shepherding His Sheep-Joel Beeke (RHB, HC) $12.00
The Memoirs and Remains of Robert M'Cheyne-Andrew Bonar (Moody, HC) $10.00
Psalm 119: An Exposition-Charles Bridges (Banner, HC) $10.00
A Treatise on Comforting Afflicted Consciences-Robert Bolton (SDG, HC) $40.00
The Holy Wary-John Bunyan (Reiner, HC) $25.00
The Pilgrim's Progress (Grace Abounding, HC) $30.00

Practical Observations on the Book of Job (RHB, HC, 12 vols)-Joseph Caryl $125.00
Select Works of Thomas Case (SDG, HC) $20.00
Using Illustrations to Preach With Power-Bryan Chapell $8.00
Divine Providence-Stephen Charnock (International Outreach, HC) $10.00
Gospel Incense-Thomas Cobbet (SDG, HC) $25.00
The Existence and Attributes of God-Stephen Charnock (Baker, HC) $15.00

The Lord's Supper-Thomas Doolittle (SDG, HC) $15.00
Love to Christ-Thomas Doolittle (SDG, HC) $15.00
The Plain Man's Pathway to Heaven-Arthur Dent (SDG, HC) $25.00

Satan's Temptations-Richard Gilpin (SDG, HC) $20.00
Christ's Last Disclosure of Himself-William Greenhill (SDG, HC) $10.00
The Lord Our Righteousness-Obadiah Grew (SDG, HC) $10.00
The Christian in Complete Armour (2 copies, Banner, HC)-William Gurnall $18.00
The Christian's Labor and Reward-William Gurnall (SDG, HC) $10.00
The Sabbath Defended-James Gilfillan (Ebeneezer, PB) $30.00
The Glory of Heaven-William Gearing (SDG, HC) $25.00
God's Call to Young People (SDG, HC) $10.00
The Christian's Great Interest-William Guthrie (N. Adshead, HC) $7.50

Oliver Heywood Works Volume 2 (SDG, HC) $17.00
Oliver Heywood Works Volume 4 (SDG, HC) $17.00
The Way to True Happiness-Robert Harris (SDG, HC) $12.00
The Application of Redemption-Thomas Hooker (International, HC) $20.00
The Christian's Two Chief Lessons-Thomas Hooker (International, HC) $10.00
The Soul's Humiliation-Thomas Hooker (International, HC) $10.00
The Soul's Preparation for Christ (International, HC) $10.00
Inspiration-AA Hodge and Benjamin Warfield (Baker, PB) $5.00
The Case for Family Worship-George Hamond (SDG, HC) $10.00
The Scottish Worthies-John Howie (Banner, HC) $15.00
Redemption-James Hooker (Scholars Fascsimilies, HC) $10.00

A Token For Children-James Janeway and Cotton Mather (RHB, HC) $10.00
Infant Baptism in the First Four Centuries-Joachim Jeremias (Westminster, HC) $9.00
The Saint's Encouragement-James Janeway (SDG, HC) $15.00
Heaven Upon Earth-James Janeway (SGCB, PB) $10.00

Early Christian Creeds-JND Kelly (Continuum, PB) $25.00
A Spectacle Unto God-Don Kistler (SDG, HC) $10.00
The Implication of Public Confession-Abraham Kuyper (Zondervan, HC) $7.50
Commentary on the Old Testament-Keil-Delitzsch (10 vols) (Eerdmans, HC) $90.00
More Than Conuerors-Gerrit H. Kersten (Netherlands Reformed, HC) $7.00

Satan Cast Out-Frederick Leahy (Banner, PB) $4.00
The Cross He Bore-Frederick Leahy (Banner, PB) $4.00
The Hand of God-Frederick Leahy (Banner, PB) $4.00
The Victory of the Lamb-Frederick Leahy (Banner, PB) $4.00
Is It Nothing to You-Frederick Leahy (Banner, PB) $4.00
Grace-Christopher Love (SDG, HC) $10.00
The Works of Christopher Love (SDG, HC) $30.00
The Dejected Soul's Cure-Christopher Love (SDG, HC) $40.00
Effectual Calling and Election-Christopher Love (SDG, HC) $15.00
The Mortified Christian-Christopher Love (SDG, HC) $40.00
The Penitent Pardoned-Christopher Love (SDG, HC) $10.00
The Zealous Christian-Christopher Love (SDG, HC) $30.00
Preacher of God's Word-Christopher Love (SDG, HC) $10.00
Luther's Small Catechism With Explanation (CPH, HC) $5.00

The Almost Christian Discovered-Matthew Mead (SDG, HC) 2 copies $10.00/each
A Name in Heaven-Matthew Mead (SDG, HC) $10.00
The Earlier Puritans/The Later Puritans-JB Marsden (Tentmaker, HC) $40.00
A Guide to the Puritans-Robert Martin (Banner, PB) $10.00
The Puritan Hope-Ian Murray (Banner, PB) $5.50
Post-Reformation Reformed Dogmatics (vol. 2, Baker, PB)-Richard Muller $10.00
Post-Reformation Reformed Dogmatics (vol. 1, Baker, PB)-Richard Muller $8.00
The Sermons of Matthew Mead (SDG, HC) $20.00
A Family Well Ordered (SDG, PB) $3.00

History of the Puritans (3 vols)-Daniel Neal (Tentmaker, HC) $60.00

The Nature of God-AW Pink (Moody, PB) $7.50
Our Accountability to God-AW Pink (Moody, PB) $7.50
The Life of David (2 vols in 1)-AW Pink (Reiner, HC) $25.00
The Golden Scepter-John Preston (SDG, HC) $30.00
The Breastplate of Faith and Love-John Preston (Banner, HC) $30.00
The Best Match-Edward Pearce (SDG, HC) $25.00
The Justification of a Sinner-William Pemble (SDG, HC) $10.00
The Puritans on the Lord's Supper (SDG, HC) $15.00
The Puritans on Loving One Another (SDG, HC) $10.00
The Puritans on Conversion (SDG, HC) $10.00
The Puritans on Prayer (SDG, HC) $20.00
The Puritan Pulpit: Ebenezer Pemberton (SDG, HC) $10.00
The Puritan Pulpit: Thomas Watson (SDG, HC) $10.00
The Puritan Pulpit: Solomon Stoddard (SDG, HC) $10.00
Puritan Sermons (6 vols) (Roberts, HC) $100.00
Puritan Paperback A Golden Treasury (Banner, PB) $4.00
Melanchton and Bucer-Wilhelm Pauck (Westminster, PB) $20.00
Old Light on New Worship-John Price (Simpson, HC) $10.00
A Beam of Divine Glory-Edward Pearse (SDG, HC) $20.00

Solitude Improved by Divine Meditation-Nathaniel Ranew (SDG, HC) $25.00
Trouble of Mind and Disease of Melancholy-Timothy Rogers (SDG, HC) $15.00
Studies in Scripture and its Authority-Herman Ridderbos (Eerdmans, PB) $2.50
Reformed Confessions of Theology from Zurich to Barmen-Jan Rohls (WJK, PB) $23.00
Rutherford's Communion Sermons-Samuel Rutherford (Blue Banner, HC) $10.00

God's Thoughts and Ways are Above Ours-John Shower (SDG, HC) $10.00
The Anatomy of Secret Sins-Obadiah Sedgwick (SDG, HC)$30.00
The Doubting Believer-Obadiah Sedgwick (SDG, HC) $30.00
Christ's Counsel to His Languishing Church-Obadiah Sedgwick (SDG, HC) $15.00
Character of an Upright Man-Richard Steele (SDG, HC) $10.00
A Remedy for Wandering Thoughts in Worship-Richard Steele (Sprinkle, HC) $10.00
A Guide to Christ-Solomon Stoddard (SDG, HC) $20.00
The Nature of Saving Conversion-Solomon Stoddard (SDG, HC) $20.00
Sermons on Miracles-CH Spurgeon (MMS, PB) $10.00
Sermons on Special Occasions-CH Spurgeon (MMS, PB) $10.00
Sermons on Revival-CH Spurgeon (MMS, PB) $10.00
Sermons on Parables-CH Spurgeon (MMS, PB) $10.00
Sermons Preached on Unusual Occasions-CH Spurgeon (MMS, PB) $10.00
The Wiles of Satan-William Spurstow (SDG, HC) $10.00
Gospel Glass-Lewis Stuckley (SDG, HC) $15.00
The Sincere Convert and the Sound Believer-Thomas Shepherd (SDG, HC) $30.00
The Righteousness of Christ-Solomon Stoddard (SDG, HC) $40.00
The Religious Tradesman-Richard Steele (Sprinkle, HC) $7.00

A Treasury of Great Preaching (13 vols)-Clyde Fant (Word, HC) $90.00

Christian Theistic Ethics-Cornelius Van Til $7.00
Learning in Christ's School-Ralph Venning (Banner, PB) $4.00
Sinfulness of Sin-Ralph Venning (Banner, PB) $4.00
A Discourse Concerning Love-Nathaniel Vincent (SDG, HC) $10.00
God's Terrible Voice in the City-Thomas Vincent (SDG, HC) $10.00
The True Christ's Love to the Unseen Christ-Thomas Vincent (SDG, HC) $10.00
Fire and Brimstone-Thomas Vincent (SDG, HC) $30.00
The Good Work Begun-Thomas Vincent (SDG, HC) $15.00
Christ's Sudden and Certain Appearance to Judgment-Thomas Vincent (SDG, HC) $15.00

The Bible and the Closet-Thomas Watson (Sprinkle, HC) $10.00
The Christian on the Mount-Thomas Watson (SDG, HC) $8.00
All Things for Good-Thomas Watson (SDG, HC) $4.00
Religion Our True Interest-Thomas Watson (Banner, PB) $4.00
The Art of Divine Contentment-Thomas Watson (SDG, HC) $10.00
The Doctrine of Repentance-Thomas Watson (Banner, PB) $4.00
The Godly Man's Picture-Thomas Watson (Banner, PB) 2 Copies $4.00/each
The Lord's Supper-Thomas Watson (Banner, PB) $4.00
Heaven Taken By Storm-Thomas Watson (SDG, HC) $10.00
The Great Gain of Godliness-Thomas Watson (Banner, PB) $4.00
Sermons of Thomas Watson (SDG, HC) $20.00
Mischief of Sin-Thomas Watson (SDG, HC) $10.00
The Beatitudes-Thomas Watson (Banner, HC) $10.00
A Plea for the Godly-Thomas Watson (SDG, HC) $30.00
The Fight of Faith Crowned-Thomas Watson (SDG, HC) $10.00
Sermons of Samuel Ward (Banner, HC) $10.00
The Precious Things of God-Octavius Winslow (SDG, HC) $20.00
The Duty of Self-Denial-Thomas Watson (SDG, HC) $10.00


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What a great list.

This has been on my wish list for awhile.

Practical Observations on the Book of Job (RHB, HC, 12 vols)-Joseph Caryl $125.00


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I often get my theological books from RHB. One place to check is their "BUMPED Books" Collection. They're really cheap because they're supposed to be slightly damaged but I have seen no damage at all on any of the "bumped" books that I got from them.


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What a great list.

This has been on my wish list for awhile.

Practical Observations on the Book of Job (RHB, HC, 12 vols)-Joseph Caryl $125.00

As one presently making use of that set in a sermon series on Job, I can attest that it is excellent. The price is not bad here, either.


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What a great list.

This has been on my wish list for awhile.

Practical Observations on the Book of Job (RHB, HC, 12 vols)-Joseph Caryl $125.00

As one presently making use of that set in a sermon series on Job, I can attest that it is excellent. The price is not bad here, either.

Pastor King, Lane also attributes a lot of precious thought from this set. Job is my favorite Old Testament book. I have benefited from it even more than the Psalms believe it or not. Well maybe not. But I love the book. I will someday own this set.

There is a facebook that puts quotes from some of the reading on it.
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