Puritan Favorites and Biographies Updated on A Puritan's Mind

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C. Matthew McMahon

Christian Preacher
Another one of the tasks that I have been working on is to bring out more information on the Westminster divines and those who lived right before and right after them. That means certain puritans, like Cutherbert Sydenham and Nicholas Byfield were not on the Assembly, but are worth reading. So any of the works they have, and any biographic information I can find and edit into a readable form, I'm adding to that section. They are my favorites, so I've placed them under the Puritan Favorites section.

Among some of the new posts are:

Samuel Bolton (1606-1654)
William Strong (d. 1654)
Cuthbert Sydenham (1622–1654)
William Price (1597-1646)
William Pinke (1599–1629)
Francis Whiddon (d. 1658)
Hannibal Gammon (1585-1674)
John Ley (1583-1662)
Richard Capel (1586–1656)
Anthony Burgess (1600-1663)
Francis Cheynell (1608-1665)
William Strong, A.M. (d. 1654)

Their works are listed with a biography.
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