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I would like to buy a Psalter for personal use. Which Psalter do you recommend? I would like one with four part harmony written out so I can play the piano with it.

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I would recommend either Sing Psalms from the Free Church of Scotland. It's available from Crown and Covenant, but it's pricey- $70. A more reasonable option would be the Book of Psalms for Worship from the RPCNA. It is $19- or the iPhone app is $10. Both psalters are very good and in contemporary English.


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I am still partial to some of the Psalms in the red one. I do like the update. I have a gray one also. We actually have three. Car, Home, and an anywhere one.
I didn't have the pleasure of ever using the red one. I came into the rpcna after the switch. I've heard a lot of good things about it though!


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Boliver, you should have a look at the Scottish 1650 metrical version. It has stood the test of time for faithfulness to the original Hebrew text.
Hereis a link on explaining how to use of the split leaf publications. I it very handy for many reasons. Most importantly, you can sing all of the psalms even if you only know a hand full of tunes.
For the best 4 part harmony, I recommend the Sol-fa version from the Free Church of Scotland.
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