Psalms in Meter

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John Lanier

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Without giving away my position on all of this, I would like to gain some arguments from both sides on the following.

The RPW is used by EPers to confine worship to psalms only, no instruments. However, those who hold the EP position do put those psalms in meter and use common tunes to sing the psalms to (no instruments). If the RPW is used to confine worship to EP, no instruments, would putting said psalms to meter and using common tunes be a violation of the RPW. One could say that there is no Scripture that gives us the right to put the psalms in meter nor choose particular tunes to sing them to. The question that would come up would be, how do we sing them if we do not do these things? But we still must be able to prove that we have Scriptural warrant to do such things. Would the tune and meter be considered a circumstance?

Not trying to stir up trouble here. Just wondering how each side would argue their particular conclusion. Thanks.


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English translations of Hebrew and Greek also must shift the word order to make it readable. Putting Psalms into meter is simply shifting the word order. Choosing the tune is definitely a circumstance, unless we can find sheet music for 'Lily of the Valley'!
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