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I am looking for psalmody (both pro and con exclusive psalmody) resources in Spanish. Let me know if there are such.

Moderators - I would specifically ask that both resources be allowed to be posted.

Members - I am not looking for a rehash of the arguments. Just resources.



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I have asked w.r.t. the pro side from those I know in the RPCNA ministering in Spanish, and will post them when I get a response unless someone beats me to it.


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Most resources come from Edgar Ibarra (licentiate/student in RPCNA) and Jorge Ruiz (minister in the Free Church of Scotland (Continuing) serving in Spain).

Here is a Spanish language Psalter (the only complete one I believe):

Spanish Preface to Genevan Psalter by John Calvin:

Recordings here:

Here's a short book defending EP:

Westminster Directory for Public Worship:

Calvin on the Necessity of Reforming the Church:

The Scriptural Basis for the RPW by G.I. Williamson:

Many more resources on this page: In the section "El Principio Regulador de Adoración" (RPW)
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