Psalm 30

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A Psalm and Song at the dedication of the house of David.
In this psalm, composed for the dedication of the new palace which David had built for himself at Jerusalem, 2 Sam. 5:11, or for the dedication of it after it had been polluted by Absalom, 2 Sam. 16, he (1.) Offers thanksgiving to God for the answering of his prayers, the overthrowing of his enemies, and the preserving of his life, ver. 1-3, 11-12. (2.) He calls and chargeth others, to praise the Lord, on account of the purity of his nature, the short duration of his frowns, and the sweetness of his favours, ver. 4-5. (3.) He remarks, how his carnal security, under prosperity, had occasioned his sudden fall into divine hidings and frowns, ver. 6-7. (4.) He recollects what supplications he had made to God, in his former distress, ver. 8-10. (5.) He triumphs in the kindness of God towards him; and resolves to praise and thank him for evermore on account of it, ver. 11-12.

While I sing, let me with grateful heart remember the Lord's mercies. Let me remember my own follies; and how the Lord corrected me for them. Let me look after my prayers, and wait for an answer. And the nearer my end draweth, let my heart and mouth be the more abundantly filled with the high praises of my God, and my Saviour.
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Psalm 30:1-5

Tune: Sheffield - attached

1 Lord, I will thee extol, for thou
hast lifted me on high,
And over me thou to rejoice
mad'st not mine enemy.

2 O thou who art the Lord my God,
I in distress to thee,
With loud cries lifted up my voice,
and thou hast healed me.

3 O Lord, my soul thou hast brought up,
and rescu'd from the grave;
That I to pit should not go down,
alive thou didst me save.

4 O ye that are his holy ones,
sing praise unto the Lord;
And give unto him thanks, when ye
his holiness record.

5 For but a moment lasts his wrath;
life in his favour lies:
Weeping may for a night endure,
at morn doth joy arise.

-- Scottish Metrical Psalter


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Psalm 30:6-12

Psalm 30:6-12

Tune: Ericstane - attached

6 In my prosperity I said,
that nothing shall me move.
7 O Lord, thou hast my mountain made
to stand strong by thy love:

But when that thou, O gracious God,
didst hide thy face from me,
Then quickly was my prosp'rous state
turn'd into misery.

8 Wherefore unto the Lord my cry
I caused to ascend:
My humble supplication
I to the Lord did send.

9 What profit is there in my blood,
when I go down to pit?
Shall unto thee the dust give praise?
thy truth declare shall it?

10 Hear, Lord, have mercy; help me, Lord:
11 Thou turned hast my sadness
To dancing; yea, my sackcloth loos'd,
and girded me with gladness;

12 That sing thy praise my glory may,
and never silent be.
O Lord my God, for evermore
I will give thanks to thee.

-- Scottish Metrical Psalter
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