PRPC in San Diego Hosts Concert Celebrating the Psalms with Matthew David Montgomery February 15, 2023

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Grant Van Leuven

Puritan Board Freshman

Concert Celebrating the Psalms with Matthew David Montgomery on Wed., Feb. 15, 2023

Matthew David Montgomery, a songwriter based in Nashville, TN, will be giving a Psalm-sing concert and seminar that he has shared across the country at the Puritan Reformed Presbyterian Church (PRPC: see, on Wednesday, February 15, at 7 p.m. These events include congregational singing (as entertainment and fellowship, not formal worship), practical stories about his experience singing the psalms, and how everything we sing forms and shapes us, as well as some fun and flashy guitar playing to keep things interesting!

A member of Covenant PCA in Nashville, Montgomery has been working on recording Psalm texts after being deeply impacted by singing the Psalms at a Reformed Presbyterian (RPCNA) college and began working alongside their publisher to make these psalter texts and tunes accessible to the larger Church through recording and creating simple charts for church musicians.

You can hear some of these Psalm recordings here.

Here’s what author and professor, Dr. Carl Trueman has said about this recent project:
“The Psalms are the foundational book of Christian worship and piety. They permeate the ancient liturgies of the Roman Catholic and Orthodox churches, and Protestants have, until relatively recently, seen them as the way to sing praise to God and to inform their public and private prayers. Yet the use of psalms in public worship has been marginalized in recent centuries and is often now seen as the eccentricity of a few small Presbyterian denominations. What a tragedy for the church – that such God-inspired riches have been moved to the realm of private devotion. Given this, it is always encouraging to hear of projects which aim to bring the psalms back to the doxological center of the church’s life. And this project aims to do just that. I hope its resources encourage and enable churches and families to place the psalter back at the center of Christian praise, public and private.”

All interested are invited to attend this outreach concert event at PRPC! There is no cover charge nor free will offering: CDs and merchandise (such as 5 Solas t-shirts) will be available for purchase to support Matthew who will be joining us with his wife.

Refreshments and fellowship will follow fifteen minutes after the concert (held in our auditorium) in the nearby Fireside Room (which hosts a large library of Puritan and Reformed works as well as an adjacent room with ping pong and foosball tables).

For more information on Mr. Montgomery, visit

(Note: as PRPC believes in acapella psalmody in formal corporate worship, we highlight that this is a midweek event and seen as entertainment, a concert, and an encouraging time of fellowship but not a worship service). We encourage singing along when welcomed to do so by Mr. Montgomery).


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