Prof. Horner's Bible-Reading System

Discussion in 'General discussions' started by SolaGratia, Oct 11, 2010.

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  1. SolaGratia

    SolaGratia Puritan Board Junior

  2. baron

    baron Puritan Board Graduate

    When I first read your post I read 10 chapters a day from 10 sections my mind started multiplying and came up with 100 chapters a day. I bet reading 100 chapters a day in the Bible would be a real challenge. lol.

    I staretd it yesterday and will see how it works out for me. I did two days worth and did not really like it. But I will give it a chance.

  3. LeeD

    LeeD Puritan Board Freshman

  4. MLCOPE2

    MLCOPE2 Puritan Board Junior

    I think I'm going to attempt it. We'll see how it goes.:book2:
  5. nasa30

    nasa30 Puritan Board Sophomore

    This is a great system. We do it as a family and so we are all reading the same parts of scripture. We then discuss what we are reading throughout the day/week. A great part of the system is that all ten bookmarks do not last the same amount of time (as low as 28 days and as long as 250 days) so as you progress, it is always mixing up what books you are reading together. Acts is a bookmark all its own so the next time you start chapter 1, instead reading it along with Genesis 1, you are reading it with Exodus etc. The principal of scripture interprets scripture comes alive when you read it on this system. I HIGHLY recommend it.
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  6. JennyG

    JennyG Puritan Board Graduate

    I've been using it for nearly two months now, and I'm really glad I found it. I used the M'Cheyne calendar for several years before that, and though it's good, it was going a bit stale on me - I knew just when the more "hard work" parts were coming up, always at the same time of year. I like the unpredictability of this.
    Reading quite fast to get the overall flow is just what I would do naturally with most other books, and it really pays off in comfort and familiarity. Ten chapters really doesn't seem at all burdensome, though I usually spread it over two sessions - the fuller the mind is of Scripture, the less room for unprofitable stuff! Sometimes I do twelve, because I didn't like how slowly some of my favourite parts were scheduled to come round - the beauty of it is how easily you can tweak the lists to suit your own needs.
    I don't use bookmarks though I tried them at first - there was such an annoying forest of them, and it doesn't give the chance to hone your speed Bible-book-finding skills. So at the moment I tick the chapters off on a sheet of paper with all the lists printed out on the other side, and it works fine.
  7. Mindaboo

    Mindaboo Puritan Board Graduate

    I've been trying to do this, but am not able to read that much everyday. I do love the system! I am hoping to get back to it at some point.
  8. nwink

    nwink Puritan Board Sophomore

    Thanks for passing that on!
  9. NDHSR

    NDHSR Puritan Board Freshman

  10. bookslover

    bookslover Puritan Board Professor

    This looks like an interesting reading system. Not having tried it, the only flaw I can see is in coming up with some mechanism for keeping track of where you are each day. Some use a notebook, others use ribbon markers (10 ribbon markers in your Bible, constantly changing positions! Oy!) I'll have to ponder this, but it looks interesting.
  11. JennyG

    JennyG Puritan Board Graduate

    I'm of the notebook persuasion.
    If you use ribbon markers (or bookmarks of any kind) you still aren't home and dry - there can often be several short chapters beginning on the same double page! I tick off chapters read with the 5-vertical-strokes-then-one-diagonal-across method. It's easy to keep count.
  12. MLCOPE2

    MLCOPE2 Puritan Board Junior

    I am taking to the ribbon approach. I decided to read through it using the HCSB so I use a copy of that for this reading only. I figured it would be a good way to both learn scripture and experience it from a different translation than I usually use. Maybe after reading through it once I'll switch translations. :think:
  13. LeeD

    LeeD Puritan Board Freshman

  14. nasa30

    nasa30 Puritan Board Sophomore

    We use the ribbon markers and post-it flags to mark the chapter I am on. That way I can tell what chapter I am on when there is more than one on a page like Jenny describes. I like not having a seperate notebook to keep up with so I can read it when I have time even if I am away from home. I use these tabs.[​IMG]
  15. baron

    baron Puritan Board Graduate

    Thanks for posting the chart I was using 10 pieces of paper.

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    I'm also using the HCSB for my reading.
  16. au5t1n

    au5t1n Puritan Board Post-Graduate

  17. Brother John

    Brother John Puritan Board Sophomore

    I laminated the book marks. I do like the system but I have been sporadic with it.

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    I noticed in the comment section tat several people were switching Acts for Romans. Has any one done that?
  18. Repre5entYHWH

    Repre5entYHWH Puritan Board Freshman

    haha sorry Gil i denied your request to "like" this on facebook, it seemed crazy to me. that just seems like watching 10 minutes of 10 different movies per day.
  19. au5t1n

    au5t1n Puritan Board Post-Graduate

    I feel the same way. Most books of the Bible were not really meant to be read in small chunks; however, I'm reluctant to complain about this plan for those who want to use it, given how much Scripture is read.
  20. JennyG

    JennyG Puritan Board Graduate

    I've made that list into Acts AND Romans, but I've divided both the longest lists (the history books and the prophets) in two - I have 12 lists now but none of them impossibly long. I prefer it like that because I love the historical books and the prophets. (I don't read the lists all in one session).
    Hard to explain why, but it isn't like that at all! Rather, you find your mind awash with more and more scripture, ....and the appetite for it seems to keep increasing, always just slightly faster than the intake :)
  21. christiana

    christiana Puritan Board Senior

    Amazing to consider that today, day 71, that I have read 720 chapters of scripture! It is a commitment, a discipline and I feel that I benefit much from it. I'm using a NKJV bible and do it first thing each morning! First word, God's Word!!
  22. KSon

    KSon Puritan Board Junior

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  23. Bethel

    Bethel Puritan Board Freshman

    I read through the Bible using Prof. Horner's Bible system from December 2009 to September 2010. I decided to switch to the M'Cheyne one year plan because even though Prof. Horner's system kept up my interest, I found that reading 10 chapters a day was too much information at once. At the end of the reading year plan, I was more familiar with the Bible (one of Prof. Horner's goals), but the whole experience was too superficial for me. This time I want a deeper experience where I can reflect on what I'm reading. It will take 3 more months with the M'Cheyne plan, but anytime in the Bible is obviously well spent.

    Instead of using book marks or tick-mark sheet, I like using the on-line tracking system for the Prof. Horner Bible Reading System at; other plans are available too. I keep track of my reading plan on-line through an RSS feed to my homepage, but my husband downloaded his reading plan to his iPod Touch.


  24. JennyG

    JennyG Puritan Board Graduate

    Nancy, I love it too, and I'll always be grateful to you for introducing me to it :)
    me too (except I use KJV), and that's one thing I owe to M'Cheyne - he says in the introduction to his calendar, God's voice should be the first we hear.
    Once you've tried it, it's hard to think of beginning the day any other way

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    I put my finger on one reason why it isn't like that....the Bible isn't 10 different movies, it's all one movie
  25. SemperEruditio

    SemperEruditio Puritan Board Junior

    I started back up. Instead of a list of 10, I have a list of 12. I'm reading every morning and evening. The only difference is that after I read I write down what I remember from each chapter in a notebook. This way it's not just speed-reading or having a visual picture of where something is in my Bible but actually remembering the content along with where it's at. I'm going to do this until the end of the year and see how it goes. On day 3, so not much to tell. Well the one thing is a deep desire to read more and more.

    I will be studying ala MacArthur, which is one NT book every month. That is my "bathroom" reading at work. So every workday in October I've been reading 1 John. I haven't studied it yet so I will continue reading 1 John into November and study it as well . I purchased a Cambridge hardcover widemargin ESV, which will be my study Bible. I can mark this one up and what's great is that it is the same text block as my Pitt Minion from Cambridge. So I'm essentially using the same Bible to study and read except I'm not. ;)

    Anyhow the first time I tried Horner's Method I didn't make it past the second week. I had zero retention. The difference this time is I'm speed-reading out-loud using inflection and like I said, afterward I jot down what I consider the main points. I'm remembering much more and having a great time with it as well. My first attempt was drudgery the whole time but this time is different. The other major difference is I pray Psalm 119:18 before I start. Not an incantation just asking God to open my eyes.

    Not sure if any of this helps but if it does give God the glory.
  26. Repre5entYHWH

    Repre5entYHWH Puritan Board Freshman

    Ok, fine... it's like watching a Quentin Tarantino movie.
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