Pro-choicers and natural law (David J. Engelsma)

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I disagree with David Engelsma on various issues, but this observation concerning the suppression of the light of nature by pro-choicers is pure gold:

They feel compelled, against all incontrovertible evidence to the contrary, to deny that the babies they murder are humans. Why this recourse to idiocy? Because natural law, embedded in their very nature, forcefully forbids murder. They feel compelled, therefore, to deny that their murder is murder.

David J. Engelsma, 'Review of Divine Covenants and Moral Order', Protestant Reformed Theological Journal, 53, no. 1 (November 2019), p. 156.

Stephen L Smith

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That is a good quote Daniel. As previously discussed I have struggled to comprehend how my country could pass some of the most barbaric abortion laws in the world. The only way they can do this is to suppress the law of God written the heart and say abortion is 'good' because good morals uphold women's reproductive rights.

It is interesting that an esteemed medical doctor in New Zealand (honoured because of his services to medicine) publicly said he could not do abortions because he could not see the difference between abortion and infanticide during the Nazi holocaust.


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Indeed Daniel! As well, we see the same suppression of the light of nature in contemporary gender and sexuality discourse.


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It is not only a suppression of natural law in the fact that at conception the fetus has a distinct DNA, so the human being is not her body! It's also a legal contradiction waiting to explode.
The law is set up so that my decisions should only affect me. If they affect someone else than I legally owe them compensation. If I have no, or little say, in the women's choice of abortion than why should it financially effect me if she chooses to keep it (child support and what not)?
Just goes to show you that if play by the biblical rules abortion wouldn't be a thing. If you only have sex within the confines of marriage than abortion isn't even a question, except possibly in rare situations.
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