Private Vs. Public Killings, A Pastoral Concern

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I just got done reading the thread about Paul Hill and the morality (or lack thereof) of killing an abortionist. However, I do not want to focus on the topic in general, but have thought about the specific argumentation Pergamum has brought up:

If we saw a person killing a baby outside of an abortion clinic, we could shoot them in defense of another. Or if someone on the street were attempting to inject someone with lethal drugs and kill them against their will. However, inside of an abortion clinic or the death row of a prison, done by doctors for that specific task, is a different context protected by the law right now

To bring this argumentation more into focus, I consider World War Two to be a prime example. More specifically, I think of Dr. Josef Mengele. This guy was obviously sick in the head, but besides his mental stability, he did in fact torture children and killed them for "scientific" reasons. I would say that many in our day and age justify abortion for the same reason. Would the argumentation apply in the case of Dr. Mengele, since he too did these in private places?

Also, consider the historical fact of Planned Parenthood. Here we know that such people like Margaret Sanger justified abortion for many reasons, but specifically and continual used abortion as a means to get rid of the minority groups. Also, Planned Parenthood started out as a eugenics clinic. This was the focus of their purpose, as we can also note that Nazi Physicians/Eugenicists wrote in the early planned parenthood magazines.

Now, I obviously think that Paul Hill was wrong in what he did. Yet, my concern is for the laymen. How do you, from a pastoral perspective, minister to those who have the same feelings as Paul? How do you see these examples as just or unjust if they were to be killed? How about the ideas of serving God over serving man? Is serving God individualistic? Communal? When is it appropriate to act against a tyrannical government? We have gone to war for less (taxation without representation anyone? obviously there are other key issues, but the Crown was not slaughtering millions of innocent people for the betterment of society).

These are things I think about when approaching such heavy subjects like these.

**Note: I'm not sure why the thread was closed. If the thread was closed for the lack of edification, please let me know. Thank you.**
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If you walk upon a man who appears to be about to kill another person, you can use lethal force to prevent it. Why? Because the State says it is ok, and we obey the State.

If you encounter an abortion provider on the way into his office, it is not permissible to use lethal force to prevent him from doing his job (of killing people). Why? Because the State says it is not ok, and we obey the State.

All hail the State.
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