Presuppositional Apologetics: Biblically Defensible?

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J. Dean

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But reason and rational thought in and of themselves are not contradictory to Christianity. Look at Paul's argument for the resurrection in I Cor 15; it relies on divine revelation, yes, but it's not devoid of rational thought or logic.

That was qualifed by my statement "reason as it is found in rationalism."

Ah, so it was. My misunderstanding. Please forgive me.


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You are right, I am not saying that it cannot be done. Only pointing out what he is refering to. So causality alone cannot provide any jump from abstract to concrete.

Actually I think I misunderstood him, because I see your point about how the principle of causality does not give anything concrete in and of itself. It has to be applied to something concrete, like an event we observe. Whereas in the case of the ontological argument the principle of noncontradiction is applied to existence.

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