Presbyterian Church in America church planting

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Hi I am Rick
We live in Paducah KY. We were members of a Cumberland Presbyterian Church, but we were convinced about the Westminster Confession, and we found the PCA in Alabama, where we visited a PCA church where my wifes parents living. I know that there is an ARP church but we would prefer the PCA.
There's one in carbondale, il and union city, tn both an hour away. I would encourage you to attend the ARP church.

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The PCA shouldn't be planting a church on top of the ARP congregation without consulting the ARP presbytery.

And the territory doesn't look very ripe. I see that there are two PCUSA churches in town, one with an average attendance of under 100, the other with an average attendance of under 25, which suggests there isn't a large core of dissatisfied PCUSAers out there. No EPC or OPC that I could spot.

It does appear that the ARP congregation should be your first choice. An hour drive to church should not be your option if there is a viable local alternative.
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