Preach to yourself in meditation - Richard Baxter


Puritan Board Junior
“In thy Meditations upon all these incentives of love, preach them over earnestly to thy heart, and expostulate and plead with it by way of soliloquy, till thou feel the fire begin to burn. Do not only Think on the Arguments of Love, but dispute it out with thy conscience, and by expostulating earnest reasonings with thy heart, endeavour to affect it.

There is much more moving force in this earnest talking to ourselves, than in bare cogitation, that breaks not out into mental words. Imitate the most powerful preacher that ever thou wast acquainted with: And just as he pleads the case with his hearers, and urges the truth and duty on them, by reason and importunity, so do thou in secret with thy self.

There is more in this than most Christians are aware of, or use to practise. It is a great part of a Christian’s skill and duty to be a good preacher to himself. This is a lawful and a gainful way of preaching. No body here can make question of thy call, nor deny thee a License, nor silence thee, if thou silence not thy self.

Two or three sermons a week from others, is a fair proportion: but two or three sermons a day from thy self, is ordinarily too little.”

Richard Baxter, Christian Directory (don't know section)