Pray for my co-worker, getting threatened in the village while I am away

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I am waiting for immigration and visa processing so I can return to my country of missionary service after this year of furlough.

Paul is in the village. Our resident bad guy right now is hassling, threatening and swinging a machete at him occasionlly. Pray for Paul:

What equals missions: Woke up this morning with screaming and machetes cutting up our doors and trim of the clinic. I go out and the village leader is swinging the machete at 3 of my carpenters. The whole community comes out and tries to help. I approach the village leader he swings the machete at me. Several guys we are teaching step in front and try to make him stop. I walk toward him to take his bows, arrows, and machete and he runs. Trish is standing under the back-porch with the ...[tribal] women. All the men are trying to protect my carpenters because they are upset and screaming back. The village leader keeps demanding $1,000 dollars. I told the community he is hurting the ...[tribal people] because of his actions. He needs to pay us for destroying parts of the clinic. Never a quiet moment in the jungle. Pray for T..., the village head.


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Praying for the situation in the village. Also praying for you that if it be God's will the Visa comes through in a timely manner.
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