Pilgrim's Progress and the Sacraments?

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    I've read through and listened through Pilgrim's Progress several times and I guess I never noticed it, but does Christian and Christiana receive the sacraments? I vaguely recall Christiana's sons getting baptized (but I could be wrong). Does Christian ever receive the Lord's Supper (or some allegorical equivalent)?
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    "Now I saw in my dream, that thus they sat talking together until supper was ready. So when they had made ready, they sat down to meat. Now the table was furnished "with fat things, and with wine that was well refined." And all their talk at the table was about the Lord of the hill; as, namely, about what He had done, and wherefore He did what He did, and why He had built that house. And by what they said, I perceived that He had been a great warrior, and had fought with and slain "him that had the power of death," but not without great danger to Himself, which made me love Him the more.

    For, as they said, and as I believe (said Christian), He did it with the loss of much blood; but that which put glory of grace into all He did, was, that He did it out of pure love to His country. And besides, there were some of them of the household that said they had been and spoke with him since He did die on the cross; and they have attested that they had it from His own lips, that He is such a lover of poor pilgrims, that the like is not to be found from the east to the west.

    They, moreover, gave an instance of what they affirmed, and that was, he had stripped Himself of His glory, that He might do this for the poor; and that they heard Him say and affirm, "that He would not dwell in the mountain of Zion alone." They said, moreover, that He had made many pilgrims princes, though by nature they were beggars born, and their original had been the dunghill."

    This takes place while Christian is at the Palace Beautiful, Bunyan's portrayal of the church. From commentators I've read, it seems to be his depiction of the Lord's Supper.

    In the 2nd part, Christiana and her sons are "washed, to make them clean from the soil which they have gathered by traveling" while at the Interpreter's house.
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