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Too much of it is going around lately. A reminder to play nice in the PB-Pool. Please double down on reading posts you perceive as critical of something you posted in the best possible light, and stick to addressing the substance of the topic under discussion. If something personal has indeed been directed at you that should not be ignored it will likely be caught by a moderator; if not, report it to the moderators.
Forum Rules and Etiquette

3. Pause Before You Post
This is something that everyone can benefit from. Before you send the latest jab, punch, tweak, etc into cyberspace, take a minute (or two, or five) to make sure that you are doing so in a spirit of Christian maturity (cf. #4 below). Study first, pray, post after
A reminder. If you think a comment by anyone addressed to you crossed a line in behavior and it is something you cannot ignore, use the report post feature which is the third icon to the right of "blog this post" in the lower left of each post. If moderators find it out of line they will take care of it.
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