Paul Bouchard on Romanism and atheism as threats to liberty

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Reformed Covenanter

Cancelled Commissioner
We are confronted by two great public evils: one is the idolatry which is cherished and developed by the church of Rome in pursuance of its principle: brutalize the people and so rule them. The other is the atheism which grows strong on the hatred of the Roman church and clergy. Both are alike perilous, alike fatal. We must fight them both. Our duty, unless we are to perish, is to strive against them to the utmost of our energy.

There is no liberty in Romanism, for its principle is domination and subjection. There is none in atheism, for it denies God and the life to come; it leaves us with no faith except in ourselves, limited to earthly wants, with no motives but our passions and appetites, whose slaves we thus become. A short and easy step it is, from that point, to become the slaves of a Caesar.

Protestantism is our only escape from Romanism; it will be found to be our only escape from atheism. Deliver us from both, for they are our two worst enemies.

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