Partial Reformation is a Full Offense to God

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C. Matthew McMahon

Christian Preacher
I thought it would be helpful to those that have time to listen to bring this particular sermon out a bit more than simply listing it in the other thread. It concerns the state of the evangelical church and its mirror to the church in Hosea 7:8.

Partial Reformation is a Full Offense to God, Hosea 7:8 (October 28, 2018)

Hosea 7:8, "Ephraim is like a cake not turned."
DOCTRINE: Partial Reformation is a Full Offense to God.


[1] Partial Reformation is a partial forsaking of sin.

[2] Partial Reformation is satisfied with a little grace.

[3] Partial Reformation is not sincere.

[4] Partial Reformation is a compromise.

[5] Partial Reformation is only remembered by God in judgment.

Some helpful quotes:
“Give me chastity, but not yet.” Augustine

“Idolatry and superstition are the grey hairs of a dying condition.” Jeremiah Burroughs

"Some leave drunkenness, and live in covetousness; they forbear swearing, and live in slandering. It is but a partial reformation, and so they miss the kingdom of glory.” Thomas Watson

“There is a natural popery in the minds of men; fallen man is desirous to stand upon his own feet, and is as little content with God's judgments of things as his first parent was in paradise. We are studious of making God compensations, applauding ourselves in our own inventions and satisfactions of our own minting, unwilling to acquiesce in his wisdom. This is a high presumption.” John Willison

“Those who think to cheat God by dissembled repentance and partial reformation, put the greatest cheat upon their own souls.” Matthew Henry

“Always, reformations have been judged impossible things.” Edmund Calamy
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