Original Language tools for those with little knowledge of the original languages

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Hello. I was wondering if people could recommend Original Language tools for those with little knowledge of the original languages. In this regard, I wondered if the following work is better than Vines?

Expository Dictionary of Bible Words: Word Studies for Key English Bible Words Based on the Hebrew And Greek Texts [Hardcover]
Stephen D. Renn (Editor)


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I am fond of Complete Word Study Dictionary: Old Testament By Warren Baker and Eugene Carpenter and Complete Word Study Dictionary: New Testament
By Spiros Zodhiates
for those without deep Hebrew/Greek facility. It is also available in software versions for several platforms.


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Also buy DA Carson's book ''Exegetical Fallicies''. Read the section on ''word study falacies''. Very useful.

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You could also enroll yourself in an online course:

MEMRA Institute

Cost: $250 with 50% discount if you register before June 2012. Does not include the price of the textbooks.

MEMRA Registration

See also the instructor's web site:

The Naked Bible


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Brother, I wish you would weigh in, where warranted, on some of the negative reviews at Amazon.



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My advice is either to learn the original languages or run far away from them. Dabbling will only make you skilled at getting whatever you want out of a text.
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