origin of "regulative principle of worship"?

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Is there anyone who knows the origin of the expression, "regulative principle of worship" ?
Everybody speaks of it.
Bible is said to teach it, and Calvin talked about it, and Westminster Confession ... and so on.
But it is difficult to find who coined the exact expression.
Who is the first one that mentioned the phrase?

Blessings in Christ.
I think the best we've done is track it back to James Henley Thornwell.

He also spoke of what he called the constitutive principle, but that distinction seems lost in history.

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The RPW moniker probably comes from a merger of Southern and Scottish Presbyterianism in John Murray's usage in the 1940s.
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While it may have been used earlier, the term Regulative Principle of Worship apparently was coined from or at least popularized by usage in the 1946 report of the OPC, “Report of the Committee on Song in Worship Presented to the Thirteenth General Assembly, on the Teaching of Our Standards Respecting the Songs That May Be Sung in the Public Worship of God,” specifically section ‘A’ by John Murray ( Orthodox Presbyterian Church, Minutes of the General Assembly [ 1946 ] 101 - 107 ). Research by Sherman Isbell supports Murray authorship. See Endnote A.
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