Open Letter to Michael Horton Pyromaniacs

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  1. hrdiaz

    hrdiaz Puritan Board Freshman

    You know, I think it is ironic that the Antinomian "free gracers" or "greasy gracers" (as I've heard them called) are the ones who have profited from the fact that MacArthur has confused Law and Gospel in his major publications and his sermons. I am not an antinomian, but I do find much of what Bob Wilkin's critique of John MacArthur's Hard to Believe very helpful in seeing just badly MacArthur can confuse Law and Gospel. MacArthur does this in his New King James Version study Bible, substituting obedience in passages where the clear context is not obedience but faith.

    Also, I know there's a ton of beef between the Clarkians and Van Tillians, but I think that beef should be put on pause, and that John Robbins' review/critique of MacArthur's book The Gospel According to Jesus should be considered. Robbins shows how MacArthur confuses Law and Gospel, and justification and sanctification.

  2. Pilgrim

    Pilgrim Puritan Board Doctor

    If memory serves, Robbins' review of Piper's Future Grace is even more scathing. Those who would disagree with Robbins would likely charge that in those reviews he was selectively quoting and quoting out of context. But I think he made some good points about how unclear they both were at times, even if I don't agree with his and Clark's rejection of the standard Reformed definition of saving faith. (That's a subject that would require another thread and has probably been done to death here on the board already.)
  3. BlackCalvinist

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    That's a strong charge, Dr. Clark. I've read MacArthur and Horton and did not come away with that. Lordship Salvation folks are nowhere NEAR being similar to Norm Shepherd's group/followers.

    I know your time is limited, but please demonstrate from a current printing of The Gospel According to Jesus where MacArthur's view is 'not that much different' from Shepherd's.

    That's what I've always gotten from MacArthur too - in TGATJ, Faith Works: The Gospel According to the Apostles and Hard to Believe.
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