Only through Dec 11, get Grand Debate and CPJ 11

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Time is running out on getting The Grand Debate for 24.95 pus s/h. With the print run nearly 60% pre-sold that price is not likely to come around again. You can pick it up for that through Dec. 11 when it is scheduled to ship to me and also pick up the 11th issue of The Confessional Presbyterian journal due out week after Dec 14 by using this single Paypal link. Sorry, this offer is USA only.

**USA ONLY; Both The Grand Debate pre-pub (24.95+4.50 postage) and CPJ 10 ($20) (total $49.95 paid via Naphtali Press).…

To purchase just one or the other of these see

Prepub offer: The Westminster Assembly’s Grand Debate. | Naphtali Press

If you order both they will ship separately once they come in.
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