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    The All-On One DVD will be offered for a donation of $25 (regularly it is offered for donations of $100) for one more day. Feb. 1, 3:00am EST it switches back. I only have a few left - get em' while they're hot!

    1) It will additionally include the Three Forms of Unity MP3 Series that covers the Heidelberg Catechism, the Canons of Dordt and the Belgic Confession.

    2) It will additionally include all the historical and theological charts (Covenant Theology, Reformation Timeline, English Puritans, Early Church Heresies, etc.) in PDF form.

    3) It will additionally include the Reformation Desktop Wallpapers.

    Everything that is regularly on the DVD will be on it (see the APM DVD page for detailed info), but this offer includes everything PLUS the three new additions!

    The info is here:

    The varying MP3 series, MP3 lectures, PDF books, wallpapers, and charts are only found at APM, and are not offered anywhere else on the internet.
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