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Discussion in 'Entertainment and Humor' started by jckdymond55, Jan 12, 2018.

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  1. jckdymond55

    jckdymond55 Puritan Board Freshman

    Anyone into old radio dramas such as the old detective radio programs ect. I've even started listening to the old superman radio programs.
  2. Logan

    Logan Puritan Board Junior

    I used to listen to tons of them. I've probably listened to at least one episode of over a hundred different programs. Some of my favourites were The Shadow, Jack Benny, and Nero Wolfe. Suspense had some good ones, Johnny Dollar could be good. I really liked Vincent Price in "The Saint" and Orson Welles' hosting The Black Museum. Lux Radio Theatre had some great episodes too. Oh, You Bet Your Life with Groucho Marx was a favourite as well. Dragnet was pretty good but not a favourite of mine.

    I wasn't really into the westerns but Have Gun Will Travel, Gunsmoke, and Lone Ranger were decent.

    I never really understood the Fred Allen Show. Probably the humor was too political and specific to current events.

    Lum and Abner were great, Baby Snooks, and of course Amos and Andy.
  3. jckdymond55

    jckdymond55 Puritan Board Freshman

    My goto's are Nero Wolfe, John my dollar, and Richard diamond.
    I heard about the green hornet that I would like to check out. I will have to check out "the saint" thanx.
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