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Discussion in 'Music' started by Phil D., Dec 29, 2019.

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  1. Phil D.

    Phil D. Puritan Board Junior

    I battle periodic bouts of depression, and as many fellow sufferers also attest, one thing that can often help bring release is music. Of course 1 Samuel 16:23 comes to mind.

    I am not particularly fond of most CCM, so for me it's more old-time gospel music. This is admittedly a bit ironic since that genre can often have a rather forlorn sound and message, but for some reason I find it soothing and uplifting. Part of that is probably due to its inherent simplicity.

    Some of my favorite renditions of gospel are by The Seekers, especially their original versions from the 1960's. So I thought I'd post some of their material that's become available on YouTube, which definitely adds another dimension of enjoyment compared to just listening to an LP or CD.

    The Seekers have a unique sound, due in no small part to their amazing acoustical accompaniment. Athol, Keith and Bruce, or "the boys" as they were referred to, had truly exceptional harmonization, and were also responsible for creating most of the group's instrumental arrangements. And for my money Judith Durham has the best female gospel voice ever - bar none. She also has quite an infectious smile.

    The first song is upbeat, a simple celebration of the Gospel, and has become one of my favorites. The second is mournful, yet in view of its roots in chattel slavery I think in keeping with biblical lament.

    Both the video and audio on these particular recordings are actually rather poor. But the sheer greatness of the music overcomes that. Best listened to with headphones - and don't be afraid to turn up the volume... I hope someone here might find they enjoy these as much as I have come to. (I may add some additional tunes in later posts).

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  2. Susan777

    Susan777 Puritan Board Freshman

    Enjoyed that. I didn’t know that they did any gospel music. I love Ralph Stanley but maybe that’s the hillbilly in me.

  3. Phil D.

    Phil D. Puritan Board Junior

    The boys were originally doo-wop and folk. When Judith came on board in 1963, replacing their male tenor who had left, she brought her traditional gospel and jazz preferences to the group. Of course the Seekers' best known chart-topping albums were primarily pop/folk, but the B side of even those almost always included gospel songs. Their major live performances (one of which the given videos are from) always featured a healthy selection of gospel too.

    As Athol once noted, the fact that they remained true to their *relatively* conservative roots throughout the 60s made them outrageous in their own way, even to the point of occasionally being able to knock super-groups like the Beatles and Stones off the top of the charts. Not bad for a few no-names from Down Under...
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  4. Gesetveemet

    Gesetveemet Puritan Board Sophomore


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