Oh, the Wokeness!

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An acquaintance of mine reports that, while looking for a house to buy, he's noticed that real estate agents have stopped using the term "master bedroom." He asked his agent why, and the agent replied that using the term "master" sounds "too much like slavery." So now, the term is "primary bedroom."


W.C. Dean

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I have heard that some wedding planners and planning websites no longer recommend plantations for weddings. Ridiculous.


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There is a master switch on my boat. They are on airplanes, too. There are master cylinders in our brake systems. I'm still trying to master the guitar. There are master and slave solenoids in automobile starter systems and other industrial machines.

And I remember master/slave flash systems in photography.

I'm starting to feel guilty about all those systems and instruments that have been subjugated by my oppressive insensitivities.

But not enough to do anything about it. I'm complicit enough to remain somnolent.

C. M. Sheffield

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Well none of that gets anywhere close to "The Master's Seminary." They are literally training men to become masters who enslave other people! How is this even legal in 2020?!


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I wish I was a Karate Master...oh wait...I'm racist.
You completely missed the point with that one. The issue there is a white guy doing Karate. A clear case of cultural appropriation. Because of your youth, I'll give you a pass on this one. But if you get caught at a Taco Bell or a Panda Express, it's to the camps for you.
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