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Discussion in 'Computers & Technology' started by JTB.SDG, Jul 6, 2019.

  1. JTB.SDG

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    I love Bible Hub and what it can do. The one thing I use it for by far is going to a particular passage (especially OT), looking up a certain word in that passage and then being able to click on it and see the definitions but also especially every other occurance in scripture of that word and where it's used. The problem is that for Bible hub you need the internet and sometimes I need this tool but don't have online access. Does anyone know of any Bible software app where you can employ this particular feature and do it offline?
  2. Kinghezy

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    I use e-sword apps, so depending on what device you are using (android phone, etc) you can download scripture, Hebrew/Greek lexicons, commentaries. I use And Bible almost daily

    If you are a fan of NASB, only need what you are discussing, and it is on a phone, literal word now has an app that has exactly what you are asking for (search by English and Greek/Hebrew)
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  3. Reformed Bookworm

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    Logos is the way to go. You can download your resources for offline use. The app has been great for traveling. You get free resources on the mobile app and can always add more.
  4. JTB.SDG

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    Wow, this is an amazing APP; thank you so much!
  5. Kinghezy

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    I initially poo-pooed it, but with it simply being the bible+Greek/Hebrew, it is really simple to use. I was also a fan of their chart during searching from their website, so I was pleased that was brought along to the app
  6. Eoghan

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  7. Kinghezy

    Kinghezy Puritan Board Freshman

    Cool, is there particular app you use? Is there a reason you use e-sword (my degree is in comp sci, and from there I have an affinity for open source apps)?

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